A Photography School Increases its Opt-Ins by 390% – 24 Hours After Creating a Single LeadPages™ Landing Page


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390% Increase in Opt-ins over previous landing page


Imagine waking up one morning to a 390% increase in your landing page opt-in rate. That never happens, right? Wrong. Kyle Shultz felt that excitement the day after he created and published his new LeadPages™ landing page. In less than 24 hours, Kyle’s opt-in rate climbed from 10% to 39%!

Shultz Photo School, Before the Switch

Before he switched to LeadPages™, Kyle’s landing page had received 110,000 visitors but only yielded a 10% conversion rate. Of those 10%, only 6% of site visitors upgraded to the flagship program. In hopes of increasing the number of opt-ins, as well as paid conversions, Kyle turned to LeadPages™ to revamp his landing page.

Needless to say, the only thing Kyle regrets is not making this decision sooner.

“I could kick myself for the lost opportunities.  Or be glad I tried LeadPages when I did.” – Kyle Shultz

The Switch to LeadPages™

With aspirations to improve his opt-ins and conversion rate, Kyle made the switch to LeadPages™’ landing pages. After creating his landing page, using the Call-to-Action template in the Marketplace, and pushed it live. What he found the next day when he awoke astounded him.

“Today I checked results when I first woke up…. The bottom line: the LeadPages™ landing page has converted 97 of 251 arrivals. THIRTY. NINE. PERCENT.”  – Kyle Shultz

The Results

When he checked the next morning, Kyle saw that 97 of the 251 arrivals had opted in! In less than 24 hours, Kyle’s new landing page was converting at 39% (a 390% increase). 12,619 visitors later, the page had received 4,752 opt-ins, settling at an opt-in rate of 37.7%!

Want to Get These Results for Your Business?

If you want to see how this Call To Action landing page template will work to improve your opt-in rate, you can download it here:

If you’re already a LeadPages™ member, this template is in our template library and ready for you to use right away.

If you’re not a LeadPages™ member, you will need to code this template, or hire someone to code it for you, to get it to work properly.

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