A/B Test: Did a Long or Short Headline Increase Opt-ins by 12.01%?

What is more important, less clutter or more clarity?

If you’re writing landing-page copy, the question is bound to come up.

On the one hand, you want to explain the benefits of what you’re offering as thoroughly and clearly as possible.

So you write a richly descriptive headline and an even longer subheadline to make sure people really understand the great thing you’re giving them.

But wait! You’ve also heard about the benefits of white space, and of minimizing friction so that visitors reach your call-to-action button as easily as possible.

In that case, maybe you cut your headline down to 3 words and keep your subheadline to 1 line.

But are you making the right choice? With A/B testing, you don’t need to choose . . . until the data chooses for you.

In today’s A/B test, one smart marketer decided to let the data decide between two landing pages for a free video series. One used a 12-word, number-heavy headline with a 2-line subheadline. The other cut the headline down to “YouTube for Local,” backed up by a 1-line subheadline that concisely summed up the free video series.

Which version do you think increased opt-ins for this LeadPage® by 12.01%?

Go down to the comments and tell us which one you’d choose and why—then vote below to see if you were right!

Vote to reveal the winning A/B-tested LeadPage® and our analysis.

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