A/B Test: What Magic Number of Opt-in Form Fields Caused a 120% Conversion Increase?

Even when I’m hungry, I can still manage to think about A/B testing.

Case in point: last Friday, some colleagues and I ventured out to a food truck for lunch. I was about to order a Philly cheesesteak when our intern Blake pointed out another option. It was called the Gunnar, and it was the same thing—with twice as much meat.

Since I was famished, I decided to indulge and get this epic sandwich. But while I was waiting for my order, I wondered:

Had I made the right choice? Did I ask for too much?

It occurred to me that marketers ask themselves this question all the time—whenever we’re deciding how much information to ask our leads for, actually. A LeadBox™ with multiple form fields might be too much for some visitors to chew on. But if they’re hungry enough for what you’re offering, it might be just right.

In our test today, Tom Challan used two LeadBox™ variants to give away his lead magnet, How to Crush Your Fear of the Phone. One had just one form field, while the other had three.

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