A/B Test: Which LeadBox™ Increased Opt-ins by 24.26%?

There are at least two ways to present any call to action.

One is to focus on consistency. Your visitors have stayed with you this far, so why not give them more of the same thing to nudge them into opting in? If that theory holds true, you’d want to do things like repeat copy from elsewhere on your landing page or LeadBox and stick to the color scheme you’ve been using.

The other strategy is to focus on contrast. If your call to action matches the rest of your page too well, it might blend in and be ignored. To prevent that, you might design your page to bring visitors to the call-to-action button faster and give that button a bright, contrasting color.

Which strategy is more effective? In this A/B test, two LeadBoxes® face off to determine the answer—at least for one Facebook marketing expert.

In Version A, we have a bright yellow call-to-action button, which stands out from the blue header area. Version B borrows elements from the header area, using a matching blue button and repeating a line of copy (“Steal this training. . .”).

Which version do you think increased the conversion rate for this LeadBox™ by 24.26%?

Go down to the comments and tell us which one you’d choose and why—then vote below to see if you were right!

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