Are Entrepreneurs Tougher in the Midwest? A Chat with an Answer.

Two weeks ago, we at LeadPages® invited our customers and community into our headquarters for an evening of tacos, craft beer, and, especially, great conversation.

Our star partners in conversation were venture capitalists and tech investors Seth Levine and Doug Burgum. A cofounder of Arthur Ventures and the former CEO of Great Plains Software, Doug was a board member and investor at SuccessFactors when it became the third-largest software-as-a-service acquisition in history. Seth has taken Foundry Group into the stratosphere as one of the best known and most successful early-stage venture-capital partnerships.

Those are their public faces. But in this fireside chat with LeadPages® founder Clay Collins, Seth and Doug get a little personal, talking about everything from their beginnings as a child candy magnates and newspaper tycoons, respectively, to their feelings about the place LeadPages® calls home: Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Tune in above for some surprising insights on tech in the Midwest (and to see Clay try to incite a fierce venture-capital rivalry with the entire state of Colorado). You’ll also learn:

  • The advantages of not starting your software company in Silicon Valley
  • The reason Midwestern entrepreneurs are the ones to watch for scalable profits
  • Why Google-style office campuses could be on their way out
  • The most meaningful three words Clay ever said to Seth
  • Who Doug and Seth are looking to fund next in the Midwest—and exactly how to get their attention

One quick note: if you’re planning to watch with your budding young venture capitalists, be advised that the video contains a couple of brief moments of adult language. We’re sorry!