How Bob Jenkins Averaged A 61% Opt-In Rate From Live Events

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Our Guest:

Bob Jenkins (Bob the Teacher) is the Manager of Marketing Education at Leadpages. He produces high-quality courses and in-depth content to help business owners around the world bridge the gap between digital marketing practices and offline efforts.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to create a free giveaway for a live event
  • How to get leads at a live event in an effective and efficient way
  • How to increase leads through one simple, technological tactic

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To See The Transcript: 

Tim: One of my favorite things is when there’s a unique way of doing things that gets incredible results. Unfortunately a lot of the time, the novelty wears thin pretty quickly and the old tried and true methods jump right back to the top.

Today’s episode features a unique conversion mechanism that has continued to work better versus the old method and is now pretty much the only way I recommend folks who do any kind of speaking on stage try to grow their list.

Bob Jenkins is our guest today. He’s our manager of marketing education at Leadpages and he averaged a 61% opt-in rate while speaking at four live events. During the fifth, he didn’t use the tactic he’s talking about and well I’ll let him tell you the results.

I’m Tim Paige, the senior conversion educator here at Leadpages and this is ConversionCast.

Hey, what’s up, Bob? Welcome back to ConversionCast. Thanks for coming back on.

Bob: Thanks so much, Tim. It’s always a pleasure to be here.

Tim: Of course. So what I want to know, we’ve got a fun kind of case study that is I guess over a few different events but before we talked specifically about that, let’s talk about the results you were able to get.

Bob: Yeah. Well using this tactic Tim, I’m happy to report that it’s an average of 61% of a live audience converting into a lead.

Tim: That’s awesome. I know so many folks that are doing speaking think of speaking engagement just as either an opportunity to pitch from the stage or just as some way to build their brand awareness and both of those things are valid. But what a great list building opportunity right? Where else are you going to get people that are so captivated and so actively listening to what you’re talking about?

Bob: Exactly and with all the leads that are generated in this particular situation, the conversion eventually to the customer is much higher than any other type of lead generation that I’ve seen.

Tim: That’s beautiful. Well, I want to talk about what you did to get such great results but before we do, tell everybody who you are and what you do.

Bob: Sure. Well, I’m Bob The Teacher online and I’m known as the manager of marketing education here at Leadpages. What that means is I produce high-quality courses, in-depth content to help business owners around the world get a better understanding of what’s working right now in both digital marketing online and bridging that gap from their offline marketing.

Tim: Nice and we work. You know, we work closely together every day which is great. We get a chance to really try to help people grow their business and get better results. So it’s fun.

Why don’t you tell us a little bit about the events and what you did to get these results and also you had one particular outlier that I’m interested in hearing about as well. So tell us about all that.

Bob: Sure. So I do quite a bit of speaking as do you. That takes the form of presentations at marketing conferences doing keynote addresses, doing other types of presentations. One of the things that I always love about public speaking is the opportunity to get in front of an audience, showcase some things that we have learned at Leadpages, and of course generating leads.

So typically speaking someone who does presentations including myself for the last ten years, has usually utilized a few different strategies to get leads. Everything from having a piece of paper that people sign up and pass it around the room to collecting business cards and then very nefariously adding a person to a list which I never recommend and then, of course, having a link inside of a presentation that you showcase to people and say hey, if you want my slides or if you want something particular, go ahead and copy this link down and when you get back to your computer follow through.

And then the presentation results that I’m talking about today are very specifically giving a particular technology we have here at Leadpages called Opt-in texts where I ask them right there on the spot to text a word to a number in order to get a special free gift. What I’m happy to report is that on average of the five events that we’re talking about today, four of them I utilize to Opt-in texts and one of them I just double-check to make sure that the old school way just giving a link still is underperforming. The four Opt-in text events averaged 61% of the audience saying yes to that free gift and actually confirming their email request whereas the link is given out to the group resulted in just 16%.

Of the four events where I’ve used the Lead Digit, the highest was actually at 84% of the room said yes to my free gift.

Tim: That’s really just out of this world incredible. You know we’ve been hearing, I know you’ve seen it, Scott Stratton, talking about how much success he’s been having using opt-in texts on stage. But to see you’ve done this now four times and on the fifth where you didn’t use it to see such a big difference is pretty incredible. Why would you say that is?

Bob: Well it’s a couple of things. First of all, remember that in most cases in an audience people are not by their computer right? So they might have their phone but they’re not going to necessarily have their laptop. The experiences that I’ve had here run the gamut of that kind of status quo of the environment of the room.

Secondly, it’s still novel. You know it’s still to this day a pretty unique thing to ask people to text and to join an email list. It’s also important to know that this is not a text to broadcast SMS type of system. People are a little bit wary I think these days of giving their phone number out so that they can get bombarded with text messages. So giving the opportunity to still receive something via email is very important and it still has a really high level of permission base on it. So that it’s not seen as any kind of unwanted information.

There’s also a couple of factors I discovered as I continued to experiment with this and I’m sharing with you results from four particular speaking events but I use this all the time and I have a lot more instances of it. But I’ve noticed a couple of things. So first of all in a couple of these events, I noticed that if I utilized a Opt-in Text throughout my presentation not just once, I get a much higher return on that conversion focus and that’s not really surprise right. It’s just something that I wanted to validate.

Tim: Yeah.

Bob: So in a couple of these times, I made sure a slide in my presentation had a free gift that was very much related to the content I was presenting, offered it near the beginning and then offered it again at the end as a reminder once I had really established that I knew what I was talking about. With the other events, one of them I was an emcee of an event and I asked people this was one of my favorite tactics to do even though it didn’t have the highest conversion, it’s still one of my favorite things to do. Every time you go to an event, somebody will say typically like an emcee or someone else take out your phones and silence them.

Tim: Right.

Bob: So what I did was I said go ahead and take out your phones but before you silence them I want you to open up your text broadcasting software tool and I want you to text the word to a number. I want to give you a free gift just for being here early at the start of this conference. And then I gave them the Opt-in Texts and then I said now let’s silence your phones and get on with the program. That worked pretty nicely.

It was 52% of the room followed through with that.

Tim: Nice.

Bob: But the biggest thing is making sure it’s integrated, making sure it’s got context to what people are really in there for in that room for.

Tim: Yeah, that was the next thing I was going to ask. So that’s a great example but let’s say you’re not the emcee, you’re the speaker. Can you give an example of how you might integrate a Opt-in texts into your talk?

Bob: Absolutely. So those two the highest two that I’m talking about here had a 72% and 84% conversion rate and in one of them I was speaking about Facebook advertising and I wanted to make sure that people took away a lot of great information but also I wanted to make sure since we only had an hour together that they had a more full, in-depth version of things. I’m sure that the people who are listening to this podcast had those situations where they’re speaking about a topic they’re really good at and they have some kind of further program about it. But they eventually want to sell something around.

But there’s something in between that presentation and buying that product and so that’s what I did. I gave away the Facebook advertising course that we have here at Leadpages and towards the beginning, as I was building up the credibility and making sure people understood where I was coming from, I said oh, by the way, I’m going to be giving you a free gift of a Facebook advertising course that I produced and then later on in the presentation right before I ended I also did the same thing. I said don’t forget to have your phone out, go ahead and text this word to this number, get yourself that free gift and not have to leave empty-handed.

So it was very important to set it up at the beginning where people were really excited about the topic but they’re still not quite sure that they know who you are, they know that you’re credible, and then repeat it at the end when they have figured out yes, they want to learn more from me.

Tim: Yeah that’s great and I think one of the key things that makes this work is the fact that it is congruent. It makes sense with what your talk is, the topic of your talk. It’s something that you can integrate and say hey look, you know, this is something where I want to provide additional value to you. I want to help you with your process. You’ve been here for this talk. There’s obviously a great next step, here’s what you should do to get it and then you just drop the Lead Digit out there and it seems like it’s working pretty well.

Bob: It is and there’s one other quick tactic that I’ve used I believe very successfully and that is to keep the lead digit related to the audience. So when I was speaking at an event known as the social media rock star event that event was being held at a place called The Jackpot Junction Casino which sounds kind of goofy but it’s actually a really cool spot in Southwest Minnesota and people from all over the Midwest gathered there for this event. So I used the Opt-in texts

Tim: Nice.

Bob: So because we were at that casino, you can text Jackpot to 33444, get this gift. When I spoke at an event called NAMS, I used the NAMS gift. When I spoke at a place called Spider Trap, I used Spider. So these are the types of things that make it memorable. So even if somebody isn’t by their phone or doesn’t do it right away, it’s still an easy word to remember and the number is of course to remember if you’re using something like 33444.

But think the alternative. You know, go back to your computer later on when you’re in your hotel room or back at the office and try to remember some long link that might be hard to spell or anything else like that. So I really encourage you to tie those things together and make it fun, make it relatable, and easy for them to be able to spell.

Tim: Nice and if you want to actually experience this in action and at the same time, get a chance to attend a great live training that’s full of really actionable advice to help you grow your email list and turn your subscribers into paying customers, you can take out your phone right now and text LeadpagesLive to 33444, so again it’s all one word, LeadpagesLive text that to 33444. That will register you for this Thursday’s live Leadpages webinar with myself and I’ll be walking you through some great training on how to grow your list and turn subscribers into paying customers. It’s Thursday at 3:00 p.m. eastern and again to join that and get to see a little sample of what Bob’s talking about, just text LeadpagesLive to 33444. 

So Bob, awesome, thank you so much. I really appreciate your sharing this with this. This is a really cool way to get a chance to see how you can use live events to grow your list and turn those folks into paying customers.

Bob: My pleasure. Happy to share.

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