For AWeber: This Small Copy Change Boosted Conversion Rates By 13.5% (In Just Two Weeks)

Our Guest:

The massive company, AWeber is a household name for marketers. Officially, AWeber is an email platform designed to help small business grow through businesses through the use of their email platform. That manifests itself through sign-up forms, capturing and managing databases, and deploying content to continue conversations with their clients.

In this case, the guest was Erik Harbison, the Chief Marketing Officer for AWeber. Erik is responsible for all facets of connecting with customers including public relations, business development, brand marketing, content marketing, and overseeing AWeber’s blog and public website.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to find the right customer, with the right message, in the right medium, at the right time.
  • What key changes you can make to create a benefit-driven experience for your customers.
  • How as little as one word can make a gigantic impact on how your customers view your brand.

Who Was Mentioned: