How Got an 80-90% Opt-In Rate on Their Free Giveaway Page

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Our Guest:

Freddy Lansky is the founder of, a website that helps chess players hone their skills and strategy. The website provides training as well that features grandmasters who record lectures for chess players that are serious about beating their competition.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • A giveaway technique that generates qualified leads
  • A nifty tool to encourage opt-ins
  • How to create a converting landing page without coming off sales-y

Tim: Welcome to ConversionCast, the only podcast that gets to the heart of the metrics. Now here’s another data-driven case study.

Hey, hey fellow marketer. Thanks do much for being here today. Before dig into today’s episode where you’ll hear all about the strategy behind the landing page that converts between 80% and 90%, you should take a second to visit to see the screenshot of the landing page as well as a clear breakdown of exactly how it works. Again the screenshot, and breakdown are only available at our website so visit and get it now.

With that said, I’m excited to welcome Freddy Lanksy to the show today. Freddy is the founder of, a site dedicated to helping chess players absolutely crush their competition. It’s a really interesting niche, one that honestly I had no idea had a big online presence but it turns out a lot of people are really excited about the training available on the site.

Today Freddy is going to be sharing the details behind that landing page that’s getting 80%-90% of visitors to opt-in. But what’s really cool is that even cold traffic is converting. 25% of cold traffic to be exact and these are hot leads because they’re well you know what let’s not give it away. Listen on for the details of that and again since the landing page is so beautiful you should go to and get the screenshot before you listen. I’m Tim Page the conversion educator here at Leadpages, this is ConversionCast, and here’s Freddy Lansky from

Hey Freddy how is it going?

Freddy: All right. Good. Tim, how are you?

Tim: I’m doing good man. Thanks so much for coming on the show and sharing this really interesting case study with us.

Freddy: Yeah, yeah no problem happy to be here.

Tim: Awesome. So today we’re going to talk about a pretty interesting kind of result that you were able to get and so I think why don’t we just spill the beans and share what were the results that you were able to get with this case study.

Freddy: Okay. A very important part of my business since we do only digital products and well physical products but they’re DVDs so basically info products on the disc are having big sales on our site because we have really good margins and you know, our royalties to other providers have based on the cost of the sale and not a fixed cost and things like that. So since we use Leadpages combined with InfusionSoft, we’ve been able to do a whole bunch of good stuff with having Leadpages with sales. And recently we switched to a new Leadpages that has that really cool timer on it and previously we were getting about 50% conversion for these sales in English and about maybe 65%-70% in Spanish. Since we got this new landing page now we’re getting it was about 80% in English and 90% in Spanish and even of Facebook ads with cold traffic about 25% of people who are landing on this page were converting into emails, which is really, really good. 

Tim: Yeah that’s fantastic. You know from even your warm traffic is pretty incredible but the cold traffic 25% is really high. So that’s fantastic and you had mentioned before that you had some issues with the tracking before is that right?

Freddy: Yeah, yeah. You know, we’re still trying to tweak tracking and everything like that and we’re just getting started with Kiss Metrics. I just listened to your Kiss Metrics podcast so you know we might be off by a couple of percents because we’ve ended up mixing a little bit of Facebook traffic with organic traffic. So the organic traffic that estimate comes from before we launched the Facebook ads on the first day. And then the Facebook traffic comes from the statistics I was getting just from Facebook using their tracker.

Tim: Got you. Okay. So you know, we’re within a few percentage points but overall we’re pretty darn close.

Freddy: Yeah. Yeah pretty close.

Tim: So I love that, I think that’s great and we’re going to dive into the kind of what it was that made this work so well but before we do that, let’s hear a little bit about kind of you and what you’re doing and what your company is all about.

Freddy: Yeah. So the main product that we sell is chess videos. So it’s basically a chessboard and a webcam and we hired grandmasters around the world to record lectures on the latest openings, strategy, all that kind of stuff and we do that in English and in Spanish. And our main marketing channel is YouTube where we put previews out. This year we’ve also moved into email marketing, LeadPages, InfusionSoft all that. And we have a very big following on Facebook as well. So that’s our main product our chess videos.

We also sell some other stuff too like equipment and books and things like that but our bread and butter are chess videos particularly in digital form.

Tim: That’s really cool. That’s a unique niche and I love kind of sharing these stories of you know, what people are doing, and kind of how they’re getting results. Because this was such an in-person face-to-face business before and now you know, having this opportunity to market this way is great. So I guess why don’t you share with us you know, what is it that is on this landing page that makes it work so well and why you know, why do you think that you’re getting such great results?

Freddy: Well I think to answer that question we first have to move to the first landing page that we did that I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t even do it myself. We had one of my head virtual assistants. He’s great but he knows very little about landing pages. And it was one of the LeadPages but it was just filled with text and we were doing a giveaway. When we combine a sale with a giveaway, of one of our DVDs, that alone just really changed the game. But we were trying to explain what’s on the DVD, what you’re going to get on the sale, what’s all this stuff, all these graphics, way too much text, way too much text.

So we cut it all down and we just put this is a free DVD you’re going to get and then it includes just a link to that page so they can click and see wow this DVD really usually is $30 and they’re giving it to me for free, that’s awesome. And you know, the second thing is just cutting down on the text. Just this is the giveaway, this is what we’re doing and kind of emphasizing the sale just a little bit less, and then we follow up with that by email.

Oh, I said two things, actually three. This is something you brought it up in that Kiss metrics timer is that Kiss Metrics that lecture you just did a webinar is a timer and that’s just ticking away. I think that had a lot to do with it too. It’s like oh my god I only can get this free DVD into the next 48 hours. You know, they’re watching the timer tick. I think that’s another reason why it did so well. So cut down on the text. If they wanted to learn more about what’s in the free DVD they can click the link that goes to the product page and not tries and explain so much about the sale and everything else. And yeah just less text and just really focusing on what they’re going to do. It’s like that metaphor you used a couple of days ago like what if they were drunk you know? Like on the first page it’s like hey you know, and they’re going to go over this opening and line and it’s a really great DVD. And oh we’re also having the sale and in the sale you know, we have this discount on that and this that are like oh my god, you know, so I think it applies to just you know, just keeping it simple.

You got the timer, you have what you’re giving away for free, and then at the bottom of the page, it says hey we’re also having a sale and that’s another important thing I wanted to mention. What’s really cool about Leadpages is like some people who are listening might be asking well what’s the point of having a landing page that collects emails when you’re sending the email blast when you already have their emails and they’re already in your list? And the reason for this is once they sign up for that, and they get your free DVD, then you know that they’re very hot leads and you can just set up something in your CRM, InfusionSoft, MailChimp whatever you use to follow just with those people two or three days later.

So we found that very effective as well not to get it too long of a tangent. But you know, you don’t want to email your list four times hey here’s a sale and hey here’s a sale, hey here’s a sale. But for the people that download a free DVD those are your hottest leads towards conversion for that current sale.

Tim: Yeah absolutely and so that’s really interesting. You know, a lot of landing pages we focus on I tell people this all the time just focus on the one directive. Like what is it that you want them to do? Do you want them to opt-in, do you want them to buy, register for a webinar? What do you want them to do? But it’s interesting because on this page like you mentioned you have that blurb at the bottom and this was something I really wanted to talk about where you offer them a link where they can click that and they can kind of go shop at your store. So I’m curious have you gotten any results from that link or are you measuring that link and what kind of results it specifically has been getting?

Freddy: Yeah. To be honest with you, we’ve just kind of been winging it just by watching who’s using those 50% coupons. I mean generally though our sales go through the roof. I guess I’ll share a few of our current states and so kind of really share them with the dynamite circle anyways. Typically we’re hovering at around you know, let’s say like $400, $500 a day in revenue, and when we start these sales usually that spikes up anywhere between $2000 and $4000 a day. So I don’t have the exact statistic of, which people are shopping directly on the page. But I will say that most likely they’re coming back a little bit later. The strategy that we use is we used to just send out email blasts or just put a YouTube video about the sale. That kind of didn’t go so well. And now it’s like hey we’re giving away a DVD and people are like literally thanking us for throwing a sale.

So after they get the free Empire Chess DVD we have a thing in InfusionSoft where they’re getting tagged and they’ll automatically get two follow-up emails where we’re phrasing it like hey I just wanted to make sure that you got the free Empire Chess DVD and then in that email we emphasized the sale a little more. By the way, we’re having a sale here’s a coupon, here’s everything like that. But we haven’t measured it yet. We just started setting up Kiss Metrics. We have Google Analytics that gives us some pretty good data but it doesn’t give us this very specific like you know, which sale came from, which link, and all that kind of stuff.

But just generally speaking, I think it works very well.

Tim: Yeah that’s so interesting. It’s at least that you know that promotion is working. I mean that’s a huge jump. So you know that at least.

Freddy: Oh yeah.

Tim: The promotion itself is working, which is great. So I just want to just because this is an audio medium, I want to share what this page is like. So if somebody goes to this landing page, they’re going to see right in the top in big huge letters free DVD and then next to it in slightly smaller copy it says and 50% off of all Empire Chess DVDs orders over $50 only. Below that is —

Freddy: Right.

Tim: Kind of the main headline free giveaway Empire Chess number 67, how to defend like a grandmaster by Grand Master Maxim and I’m not going to even try and say Maxim’s last name.

Freddy: Yeah.

Tim: And then it says the offer ends and there is a countdown timer and then the actual call to action button.

Freddy: Right.

Tim: And there are some copy below that and then at the bottom of the page there is the promotional copy for the sale. So it is you know, the page was modified. Obviously you modified a little bit about the page and made it uniquely your own, , which you’re seeing more and more of, more people taking a landing page and removing some elements and kind of making it unique.

Freddy: Yeah, yeah.

Tim: But yeah this page it’s really nice looking and it’s a great way to kind of cross-promote and then you know your email marketing is going along with this. But I think the best thing about this is that when folks are opting in whether they’re already on your list or not, the folks that opt in to get this free DVD are as you mentioned they’re hot leads they’re buyers. They’re ready to take some action and so you can then market to them and that’s what’s getting your results. Is that right?

Freddy: Yes, yeah that’s definitely that’s the one, two combo for sure.

Tim: I love that. Well if anybody wants to see the screenshot of what this page looks like they can head over to, so We will have those screenshots there. Freddy thanks so much for coming on the podcast. This has been awesome.

Freddy: Yeah, yeah no problem. Happy to be here.

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