Leadpages on Increasing Our Sitewide Opt-In Rate From 0.5% To 10%

Our Guest:

Clay Collins is the Co-Founder of Leadpages, the company behind ConversionCast. Leadpages is a software product that allows users to consistently improve conversions through optimized landing pages, custom lead magnet delivery, one-click webinar registrations and so much more. On any given site, 5% of the pages result in 95% of the revenue. Leadpages helps you create and optimize that 5% of pages.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why optimizing your lead generation pages can more quickly result in increased revenue than increasing your traffic or adjusting your sales pages.
  • One killer marketing strategy that Clay is excited to implement in 2014.
  • A key mistake that many marketers make when trying to build their email lists (and if you make it, you’re costing yourself big).

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