Dollar Shave Club’s Answer to the Question: “Is Being Mobile Really Worth It?” (And How It Led to 100,000 New Customers)

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Note: See the exact images from the change that resulted in 100,000 new customers — [rapidology_on_click_intent optin_id=optin_2]Click Here To Download The Images[/rapidology_on_click_intent].


Our Guest:

Mike Dubin is the founder of Dollar Shave Club, a monthly membership where customers can receive razors (among other bathroom essentials) in the mail every month for an extremely low price. They’ve used a viral video marketing campaign, along with various other brilliant tactics, to grow their customer base to over 500,000, constantly optimizing in the process.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • What are the real effects that a responsive site can have on your conversions?
  • A simple comparison: 2 options for giving your mobile users a better experience.
  • Where to look to find out if you’re missing out on a massive number of sales.

To See This Tactic In Action:

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To See The Transcript:

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