30-Day Leads Challenge: How Melanie and Devin Duncan Generated Over 2,000 Leads in 30 Days (for Less Than a Dollar Per Lead)

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Our Guest:

Melanie and Devin Duncan are a married couple that have been running online businesses together for 10 years. They started their first company online in college and sold customized Greek apparel for sororities and fraternities, which they later scaled into a home decor business. They have automated their earlier online businesses and now primarily teach other online business owners how to grow their business.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to reduce cost per lead via FaceBook ads
  • The number one trick for FaceBook to favor your ads
  • Why a blog post works better than a landing page for opt-ins
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Listen To Discover The FaceBook Ad Strategy That Generated Over 2,000 Leads In 30 Days 
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