How To Multiply The Value Of Your Content with Jay Baer

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Our Guest:

Jay Baer has been a business and marketing consultant in the online marketing space  since 1993. He is a New York Times Best Selling Author and one of his most popular books is titled Youtility, which lends advice to content marketers. He also runs Convince and Convert, a consulting firm that handles social media and content marketing for Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Allstate, and Oracle.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to repackage content for multiple purposes
  • How to systemize your content creation process without taking time out of your schedule
  • Jay’s secret to regularly scheduling content while on the road

To See These Tactics In Action:

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To See The Transcript: 

Listen To Discover The Exact Method Jay Uses To Multiply His Content Efforts 

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