How to Get 43% of Cold Traffic To Opt-In For A Free Book

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Our Guest:

Robert Coorey is the Director of Global Business at E-Web Marketing, a Reality TV pilot host, and the Author of Feed A Starving Crowd, a marketing strategy book that helps you implement inexpensive, yet effective marketing tactics in your business. He custom designed a unique landing page ( for the launch of his marketing ebook from scratch that got him a 43% conversion rate on cold traffic!

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to create a high quality, custom landing page for launching a product
  • The elements you don’t want to forget on your landing page
  • What Robert’s real goal was for his landing page

To See These Tactics In Action:

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To See The Transcript: 

Listen To Discover The Exact Method Robert Coorey Used To Convert Cold Traffic At 43%

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