The Simple, Inexpensive Tactic That Generates Thousands Of Leads Each Month for SportNgin

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Our Guest:

Jim Dahline works for SportNgin, a software/technology development company that creates applications for administrators, coaches, and managers of youth sports and amateur sports organizations. At SportNgin, their goal is to alleviate the gamut of administration activities of these administrators, coaches, and managers that are usually volunteers. They specifically build systems for payment processing, registration, website management, scoring , etcetera so these volunteer coaches/managers can spend more time working with athletes. SportNgin aims to educate sport volunteers on processes they need to know to keep their organization running smoothly.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to market to difficult-to-reach prospects
  • The 3 things you need to increase social reach and leads
  • What to be aware of when running an online contest

To See These Tactics In Action:

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To See The Transcript: 

Listen To Discover The Strategy SportNgin Repeatedly Uses To Get Thousands Of Leads Per Month

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