How James Schramko’s Two Landing Pages Both Converted at 76%: Split Test

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Our Guest:

James Schramko is the Founder of SuperFast Business ( where he has curated content around building a successful business online. He covers topics around websites, traffic and reviews on this website that is a central hub for the other services he offers. He has also integrated an internet business coaching community and provides services such as website development and search engine optimization.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to create a landing page that converts with only the necessary elements
  • Why a quality traffic source is key in conversion rates
  • How to integrate Twitter into your opt-in process for high conversion rates

To See These Tactics In Action: [rapidology_on_click_intent optin_id=optin_2]Click Here To See The Split Testing Strategy That Yielded a 76% Conversion Rate on Both Pages![/rapidology_on_click_intent] [rapidology_on_click_intent optin_id=optin_2]yellow button[/rapidology_on_click_intent] To See The Transcript: 

Listen To Discover How Super Fast Business Converted at 76% on Two Different Landing Pages

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