From Actor to Marketer: How Robert Maschio, aka “The Todd” Is High-Fiving His Way to Success

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Our Guest:

Robert Maschio is an actor and comedian who’s most well known for his role as The Todd on the hit tv show “Scrubs”. Since Scrubs has come to an end, Rob has divided his time between auditioning for new gigs, appearing in a couple films, guest appearing on shows like “Cougar Town” and “Men At Work”, doing meet-and-greets at conventions, and releasing and promoting his new app, High Five. His journey has been fascinating, and this episode shows how he’s used tried and true marketing tactics (without knowing it) to ensure his career is evergreen.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • One way to avoid risking the wasted use of your most valuable tools.
  • How to find your specific voice and utilize that to achieve massive success in a crowded marketplace.
  • Are you truly listening to what your audience is begging you for?

To See This Tactic In Action:

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To See The Transcript:

Listen To Discover How To Utilize Celebrity Status To Create An Evergreen Career:

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