How Udemy Doubled Their Lifetime Value Of A Customer

Our Guest:

Archie Abrams is the Growth Team Leader at Udemy is a marketplace for online courses. They have about 10,000 courses taught by experts all around the world, with topics ranging from Excel to yoga to photography. They have about 2 million students on their platform right now, who can find the courses they want to take to learn a new skill for their career, enhance their hobby or personal enrichment. Their courses are mostly paid, ranging from $20 to $150 a course. Archie is responsible for revenue numbers, which means generating new users and getting those users to enroll in, and ultimately pay for, their courses.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why the most recent leads you’ve captured are your hottest.
  • How to gauge level of intent and strike when the iron is at its absolute hottest.
  • Why you should be maximizing the lifetime value of your customers, instead of worrying about quick revenue.

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