Drag & Drop Builder Update: Make Visitors Convert ASAP with Evergreen Countdown Timers + 5 More Features

Evergreen Countdown Timers, Automatic Redirects + 5 More Features

“My marketing would be so much easier if I could only …”

Whenever the Leadpages product team hears that, their ears perk up. And often, they set out working to make that wish come true as soon as possible.

That’s especially true of the features we’ve added to the drag-and-drop landing page builder in the second half of this month. Just about every single one of them is a direct response to something a customer has requested recently.

Without further ado, here’s what’s brand new in the drag-and-drop builder, along with a few ideas for using these updates to make your marketing easier and more powerful.

1. Evergreen daily countdown timers

By now, tons of marketers have discovered the power of including a countdown timer on their landing page whenever they’re running a limited-time sale or special offer. When something’s running out, people are less likely to put off a decision and more likely to convert right away.

The success of countdown timers on these kinds of pages has inspired landing page creators to wonder: could you apply this tactic to other kinds of offers, too—even ones that don’t have one big deadline?

Now you can do this in the drag-and-drop builder with the new daily countdown timer option. Turning this on is really easy:

You simply set a time of day for your “deadline,” and then, whenever that hour hits, your countdown timer will reset itself. (Hint: choose a deadline time when few people will be viewing this page to avoid confusion.)

Why use a daily countdown timer? It’s good for situations like the following:

  • You run a webinar at the same time every day (or want to get registrants by a certain time each day)
  • You’re running an evergreen promotion but want to give everyone who sees it a 24-hour deadline to act
  • You’re running a promotion that you intend to turn off sometime soon, but you’re not exactly sure when

You might also notice some changes in the visual style of the countdown timer in the GIF above. As with call-to-action buttons, you can now create circular or round-edged boxes for any of your countdown timers.

2. Automatic page redirects when your promo deadline Hhts

Hiding behind those flashy new design options is a new countdown timer superpower: automatic redirects.

Normally, when a countdown timer runs out, it just … runs out. It stays at 00:00:00:00 until you decide to take down the page or implement a manual redirect.

But when your offer has expired, you probably don’t actually want people to visit that landing page anymore. You probably have somewhere better to send them, like an opt-in page, a registration page for your next event, or your product page.

With the new redirect option, you can decide where visitors should wind up if they happen to find your page after the deadline. Just toggle on Redirect when you’re setting up your countdown timer, then choose a page.

Now latecomers won’t see an irrelevant expired offer, they’ll see the content you’ve designated just for them.

Speaking of choosing a page …

3. Easy landing page linking

No more copying and pasting landing page URLs. Now, when you go to link any object in the drag-and-drop builder—whether it’s a button, an image, or a piece of text—you’ll have the option to add a link to another landing page you’ve already created.

When you select this option, you’ll see your most recently updated pages at the top of the list. You can also search for any page by name to pull it up.

If you tie multiple pages together as part of a campaign funnel, this makes your setup all the easier. Plus, it works even with pages you’ve published to a custom subdomain—you’ll be able to direct people to the right page at the custom URL you’ve chosen (instead of the Leadpages URL).

4. Color history

There’s one more new feature that makes it easier to build on what you’ve already done for the new assets you create: a 5-color palette of your most recently used colors.

Starting now, the drag-and-drop builder will automatically save the last five colors you selected to use anywhere on your page. Whenever you go to choose a color, they’ll be right there on the left side of the color selection widget.

5. Multiline comment fields

Although we typically find that conversion rates rise when your opt-in forms require less information, sometimes you want to hear a little more from your leads—or at least give them the option.

Now you can. By user request, we’ve introduced a new kind of form field in the drag-and-drop builder: a comment box. Use it wherever you’re requesting information that’s more than one line long.

And of course, feel free to change the label if you want an answer to a specific question.

6. More control over your section backgrounds

Finally, we’re excited to debut a number of brand new options for your section backgrounds:

Alignment options: Need to make sure one part of your background image always stays in the frame (even on different kinds of screens)? Choose to anchor your image to the top or bottom of the section.

Background image repeat: If you’re going for subtle texture (or you just have an oddly proportioned background image you want to use), try this option. You can choose to repeat your image horizontally, vertically, or in both directions.

Color overlays: Sometimes you don’t want your background image to draw too much attention to itself. Or it’s a great image but it’s making your text hard to read. Or its color palette isn’t quite in sync with your brand colors.

Adding a translucent color overlay solves all these problems. Choose both the exact shade you want and the level of transparency to totally transform the feel a section background image gives the page.

Section height controls: This update gives you more control over how your page appears at all screen sizes by setting a minimum height as a percentage of the total screen for any section background.

This is especially good for creating hero sections at the top of a page. If you want visitors to fully take in your message and call to action before seeing anything else, set the minimum height of your first section to “full” for full impact.

To find these options, just click on the settings for any page section.

If you’re not yet a Leadpages member—or you haven’t been a member since we introduced these new features—click below to get started and check out these tools.

What else would you like to see in our drag-and-drop page builder? Leave your suggestions in the comments!