Facebook Granulation: Our Favorite ConversionCast Episode of the Week

By Tom Q. Johnson, Analyst for LeadPages

For this edition of the ConversionCast Roundup, I’m changing things up a bit and taking a long look at my favorite episode of the week.

This week’s favorite episode features Jason Hornung of the Jason Hornung Agency.

Jason is a former insurance man who left it all to start an advertising agency in 2009. On Friday, he joined ConversionCast to share a simple method for bringing his costs per lead on Facebook down dramatically.

And this guy is serious about dramatic improvements — we’re talking $6.02 per lead in January to under a dollar in March levels on a recent project he worked on.

Granulated Demographics

The simple secret? Jason uses copies of his client’s campaign to focus on a specific factor level, such as gender or age.

The results give Jason the ability to boost the population segments with the most return and downgrade the emphasis on those that don’t. Per dollar spent, his conversions invariably go up.

The best part of Jason’s process is how simple and it is to implement. Everything you need to replicate his success is already built into Facebook and ready to go with just a few clicks.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Pinpointing where your Facebook advertising budget is being wasted and how to control that waste in future campaigns.
  • Setting up your own granular campaign and choosing the best level of scale.
  • Using Facebook’s “Conversion Tracking Pixels” tool to gather even more data about how each customer group responds.
  • How to make your campaign more effective without changing your content at all.
  • How to interpret granular data once you have it. (Hint: A low price-per-click could mean a lower success rate on the backend as well.)

To me, Jason’s technique speaks directly to the LeadPages core belief that using data to shine a light on your customers will lead to better results. Like split testing, his techniques are easily scalable and applicable in almost any situation.

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