YOU Decide (Help Us Give Away $1,000 For Our Birthday)

Clay: Hello everyone, my name is Clay Collins…

James: I’m James Lepine.

Clay: …and this is the one-year anniversary of the Marketing Show.

James: Whew!

Clay: We’re a little baby.

James: Here we are.

Clay: Yeah, the Marketing Show is a little baby. Isn’t that cute? Anyway, in this episode of the Marketing Show, we want you to help us give away $1,000 for – You know, one for one. When you’re on the Marketing Show, $1,000. When we give it away, we want you to help us give it away. That’s what you have to look forward to in this episode of the Marketing Show.

Okay, so in just a second, we are going to explain the charities that we are considering giving to and like we want you to vote on which one you would like us to give it away to. Kind of like that song.

Okay. Okay, but before we do that, James, what do we want to do?

James: We want to do a shout-out to everyone who commented on last week’s episode of the Marketing Show who left an insightful comment, a smart comment, just contributed to the conversation one way or the other. So we’re going to go do that now.

Hello everyone, it’s that time of week. Oh yes, it’s time for the Marketing Show shout-outs. First of all, we want to give a shout-out to Taylor Brooks. He’s the man behind the camera. Next, Denise Cocks, a lovely customer of ours; also, Brian T. Edmundson; and Jaxi West, another customer of ours; and Mike Kawula’s daughters. I hope you’re watching this over breakfast this morning and enjoying the shout-outs. Also, Natalie Lucier. So glad that I got it correct the first time, Natalie. Also, Marshall Sontag, another customer of ours. I don’t believe that that is a real picture of him. Also, Monica Lee; and Matthew Kimberly, another customer of ours; and last, but not least, my dad, Bob Lepine.

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Invisible Children, Trees For Life, Free The Slaves, Mi Esperanza, Ryan’s Well

Clay: All right, so we’re going to be reviewing 5 charities. One of them gets the $1,000 for our first birthday party. We feel like it’s the least we could do. James, what’s this foundation?

James: Yeah, and keep in mind that you decide, so we’re going to go through all five, be taking notes on all five and decide which one you like the best. The first one is from Linda. She is our director of return on leads. She’s a fantastic person and she…

Clay: She says business automation. She’s an InfusionSoft wizard. She’s an automation wizard.

James: She’s the queen, yeah.

Clay: She’s a genius.

James: She’s a genius.

Clay: And so this is her thing. What does Ryan’s Well do?

James: Ryan’s Well was started by a 7-year-old kid named Ryan who learned about the lack of clean water across the world, and so he raised the money. You can see his picture here, and he built his – You know, he raised enough money to have a well built in Uganda. And so, since then, he’s gone on – Let’s go to the About Us page. They’ve done over something like 700, 900 wells all started because this one kid, Ryan, when he’s 7 years old, decided hey, we need to change this clean water problem.

Clay: I think we’re out of the wifi zone in my – Oh, no, no, no, no. Okay, and so we’ve got it. Okay, cool. Well that’s awesome. So we’re out of the wifi zone. We can’t pull this up, but it’s a Canadian organization. Linda is Canadian. Maybe we got a picture up here too. Matt, can we get a picture? Awesome. Ding. Okay.

James: Okay, so what is organization number two?

Clay: Organization number two is Invisible Children. This is Milosh’s nomination. Milosh is an awesome dude. He does a great job for us. He is – Well, he does a lot of cool graphics stuff. He does a lot of cool website stuff. Definitely an asset. Wonderful, wonderful guy, and he nominated Invisible Children. Invisible Children recently has had a very popular video that’s gone viral. They’ve received lots of attention both positive and negative.

You know, the purpose here in the comments is really not to debate what you think about, you know, about this organization in particular. If you like it, you vote for it. If you don’t, do not. But we really just kind of want to keep the votes clean. We understand it, you know, that there’s people on both sides of it.

James: Sure.

Clay: Milosh has read both sides of it, and this is who we nominated. So if you would like to vote for them, please do it. They are focused on making sure that apparently, the number one criminal in the world…

…is ranked by some – I think it’s the International Criminal Court…

James: Okay.

Clay: …that he is prosecuted and he has, you know, abducted over 30,000 children, and forced them to become child soldiers. And so, you know, they have a huge kind of grassroots movement, and they’re doing some cool things. So you know, if you want to vote for them, cool. If you don’t, vote for someone else. So James, who do we have next?

James: Let’s go on to number three. This is Trees for Life International, and our team member Gina is the one who did this. She does a lot of work with partnerships with webinars and does a lot of that in our business. She’s fantastic.

Clay: She’s our director of partnerships.

James: Yes, she sure is.

Clay: You will get to know her intimately…

James: She’s awesome.

Clay: …in upcoming shows of the Marketing Show. Yeah, she’s great.

James: Yeah, yeah, definitely. And she chose this organization. They started just doing trees, and they would go in, and teach folks how to like plant trees and how to be able to grow trees in kind of a sustainable way of doing it. Since then, they’ve gone on to do all kinds of things from micro loans to like bee farms to all kinds of things. Basically, they let the community come to them and say, “Hey, this is what we think we need, and in the community, we’ll provide that for them.” But they make sure that the folks there responsible for like implementing it…

Clay: Cool.

James: …and making it just hyper local and sustainable. So pretty cool organization.

Clay: That’s awesome.

James: It started in India and has expanded since then.

Clay: Yeah, cool. You know, I think something interesting is that I think the Green Movement in a lot of ways is a Human Rights movement. If our earth isn’t thriving and providing us with oxygen and a healthy living environment then certainly, we as humans aren’t going to fare very well. So I tend to like this kind of thing.

James: Sure. And this next one, number four?

Clay: Number four is the charity that my business partner, Tracy, and I have proposed. It’s called Free the Slaves. They’re an organization that’s primarily based in Ghana. So Ghana…

James: Okay. Well, you did spend some time there.

Clay: I did spend some time in Ghana. Ghana is a West African country. I think it’s really interesting whenever someone comes like when people go to like Europe, they generally say like what country they have been to or like when they go like, you know, the United States often though will even say like what state they were.

James: Right.

Clay: But when people are in Africa, they’re like, “I went to Africa!” like you went through the entire continent? Anyway, so they’re based out of Ghana, and they do a lot of really cool things. They actually go into slavery situations and free people who are in states of slavery. It is, again, a very locally-based organization.

James: Wow.

Clay: And their belief, which is my belief – I share this as well – is that slavery occurs when people don’t know that they have options when they don’t have access to education, when they don’t have access to some of the basic resources that a lot of people believe are human rights, and that I personally believe are human rights.

So they also do – You know, they do a lot of education stuff. One of the things they do – And this is really good from a marketing point of view – is they tell you like what you get when you donate. It’s like $14 pays for books, uniforms, and a satchel so former slaves in Ghana can attend school for a year. So for $14, you get books, uniforms, and a satchel. You get a year of education on behalf of a former slave.

James: Wow!

Clay: And I mean they list like other things that you can donate too, but I really – I really support this, and I really like this. So I’m rep in – Tracy and I – on this. This is our – This is the charity we’re proposing.

James: Wonderful.

Clay: All right, so James, what is our fifth charity that’s up for this little competition?

James: Yeah. Our fifth and final charity is called Mi Esperanza. You’ll find them at the Women of My, and this is a charity that’s really near and dear to my heart as well as to my fiancée’s heart.

Clay: Right, let’s find her. Let’s find her. There she is.

James: There she is on this page. She not only modeled the bag, but she also designed the bag, so she’s been working with these women in Honduras since 2007 going down there, and designing bags, and clothes, and all kinds of things. And what Mi Esperanza really does is it teaches women in Honduras skills like in cosmetology or in sewing and then gives them a micro loan and allows them to create their own business and break the cycle of poverty. Most of the impoverished women in Honduras live a dollar a day, so they’re barely able to cover their family’s needs, can’t cover their children’s educational expenses so the children have to work as soon as they’re old enough to work, and the cycle just continues. So this allows the women to kind of break out of that cycle, and that’s their main goal.

Clay: That’s awesome.

James: Lots of good options, lots of good choices.

Clay: Cool. So we’re going to let you decide. Go ahead and vote in the comments and just as a side note. You know, we were very aware that, you know, that we’re not saving the world here, that we’re not saviors, and our purpose here is, you know, this isn’t the extent of what we give as a company or of what we…

…give as individuals. This is merely just a small token, you know, for the first year of the Marketing Show, and it is what it is, and you know, we appreciate more than anything else I think we want to raise awareness for organizations, you know, that are dear to us as a company, and you know, even if the organization that you vote for isn’t selected, you know, we hope that you’ll go ahead and give to them anyway, and maybe let us know in the comments what you did there.

James: Uh-huh, absolutely. Thank you so much for watching and for paying attention to these five, again, number one is Ryan’s Well for clean water; number two is Invisible Children, stopping child slavery, child fighters; number three is Trees for Life; and number four is Free the Slaves; and number five is Mi Esperanza. So leave your comment or your choice in the comments.

Clay: Yup. And you know what, and just to close, it’s been a wonderful first year of the Marketing Show. We started this. We knew very little about video. You know, I’d still say we’ve got some amazing help. You’ve probably seen some of the motion graphics in some of the editing we’ve done here. Thanks to Matt for doing that. He’s done just a wonderful job, and you know, we just want to thank you for sticking with us. It’s been a ride, and I think we’re getting better. You know, I think as a company, we’re really strong with marketing. We are not professional show host people, but we know it helps you, and we received lots of encouragement, and we also really enjoy as well, and we’ve been touched by just the stories of people who’ve had their, you know, their lives and their business has changed by this stuff.

James: Absolutely.

Clay: So thank you so much for all you do. Thank you for sticking with us. Let us know who you want to support. Consider making an independent donation yourself, and we’ll talk to you next week. My name is Clay Collins…

James: I’m James Lepine.

Clay: …and if you’re an entrepreneur, we’ve got your back. We’ll talk to you next time. Thanks so much.

James: See you.