[Case Study] How a NY Times Best-Selling Author & Blogger Grew His Email List to 70,000 in 5 Steps

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We’re celebrating Small Business Week here at Leadpages with a great success story from former U.S. Marine, current entrepreneur and Paleo diet guru, George Bryant.

George created his diet-focused website to motivate himself to live healthier. After sharing recipes with his friends, his audience grew and his website attracted followers within the Paleo diet community.

As his business continued to grow, George found that creating his own landing pages from scratch and manually emailing content to his list became overwhelming. He had become a slave to his business and needed help. He turned to Leadpages to see if it could help.

The first thing George created was a Leadpages Facebook landing page and within 48 hours of publishing, he was able to acquire over 9,600 net new leads! As he continued to use Leadpages, he quickly grew his list to over 70,000.

George took advantage of the Leadpages automated lead magnet delivery system and saved a huge amount of time and effort by not doing this manually.

Using Leadpages revolutionized George’s business, by drastically increasing his opt-in rate, and his personal life, by giving him more free time. George couldn’t be happier with what he was able to achieve with Leadpages and we couldn’t be happier for him.

For free access to the Brian Moran Facebook Template and 404 Template that George used, as well as the detailed How-To Guide outlining George’s strategy, click the button below and get started today.