[Webinar Hacks] Use These GoToWebinar Tricks on All Your Webinars

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No matter how great technology is, there are always technical glitches and when you’ve got an important announcement or event you don’t want technical difficulties preventing you from delivering that message. For example, GoToWebinar is a huge platform for hosting webinars. Ensuring your webinar registrants get all the details they need to get on to the webinar is one of the key ways to increasing your attendance rates of your webinar.

The first tip I’m going to show you is how to use GoToWebinar tools, alert your webinar registrants about the webinar right before it goes live. This tip alone can literally double your webinar attendance rate. Before I show you the tip let me tell you how we found out about it. Awhile back we signed up for an Amy Porterfield webinar but we had forgotten about it. Right before the webinar was going to start, we got this email. It reminded us that the webinar was starting and it allowed me to click this button to join the webinar immediately. We started investigating how she did this and we learned a webinar hack.

To use the webinar hack, you simply log into your webinar and then you change the title of the webinar in GoToWebinar itself. We like to add starting now with stars on both sides of it to the beginning of the title so it’s blatant what the change is and it reminds the registrants that the webinar is starting. Then from there, you simply check this box that says notify all affected participants of the changes above and then click save.

Now what will happen is GoToWebinar will resend out the registration email to everyone that’s registered. We recommend doing this about five minutes before the webinar is going to start. This alerts everyone who has forgotten about the webinar or got sidetracked with other things. It reminds them to get on the webinar and it boosts attendance.

In tip 2, I’m going to show you how to ensure that webinar registrants for GoToWebinar get their registration information even when the GoToWebinar API is down. Before we get any further into tip 2, I do need to tell you about the backstory of this tip as well. Tip #2 also comes from Amy Porterfield who is just an absolute expert at doing webinars. We noticed when we signed up for her webinar, in addition to receiving the traditional GoToWebinar registration confirmation email, we also got another email from Amy telling us that if we didn’t receive the registration confirmation email directly from GoToWebinar, I could click this link and go directly to this page and sign up for the webinar. That got us thinking why would Amy someone who’s so much experience with webinars send out a second email in addition to the one GoToWebinar sends out telling people how they can manually sign up for the webinar when supposedly they already signed up. It turns out that sometimes the GoToWebinar API goes down or the GoToWebinar emails can end up in your spam folder.

Now if the API goes down it means that someone can opt in to your webinar registration page but not be signed up for the GoToWebinar event. If the GoToWebinar email ends up in a spam folder, the registrant will probably forget to attend the webinar. Sending out this email gives you a fail proof way to get people to sign up for your webinars even when the API goes down or the GoToWebinar email ends up in a spam folder. By doing this you’ll lose zero registrations because of technical glitches. We use this in our business and suggest you do the same.

To set this up in your LeadPages account, got the webinar registration page you’d like to use. I’m going to use this one right here then I’ll select the industry that I’m in. Next I’ll customize the page how I’d like it to look with all the webinar information and images and everything and after that’s all done, we’ll need to turn on the option to send an email after someone opts in on this page. Now select send the customized email after someone opts in. Type in your email copy and I’ll post this copy below the video for you to use if you’d like to.

From there, you enter in the subject and send their details and once I’m done customizing the look of the page and adding my email, I just click save. Now when someone opts in for this webinar, they’ll not only be added to my list and registered for the webinar but they’ll also get this email that has the registration details for them to sign up in case anything happens to derail the process along the way. This is just one of the many numerous ways to use the custom email feature that’s available inside of LeadPages.

If these two tips are useful to you, please share this video with your audience by clicking the share buttons to the left. Now if you’re not a LeadPages customer and you’d like to start using LeadPages, go to www.LeadPages.net to get LeadPages.

I’m Jeff Wenberg, have an excellent day.