How I (Accidentally) Created The Blogosphere’s Most Viral “About Me” Page

Hello, everyone, my name Clay Collins and welcome to this episode of The Marketing Show.

So in this episode of The Marketing Show I’m going to tell you and show you exactly how I got over 740 tweets about my About Page on my website. I’ve never seen an About Page that’s been talked about so much or shared as much on social media. So I’m going to show you exactly how I did that. But before I do that, it’s time for today’s marketing quiz.

So for today’s marketing quiz, we are going to again dig into the archives of The Marketing Show. So my question is this, “Which episode of The Marketing Show has generated the greatest number of comments?” Is it Episode Number Three, “Stop Helping People,” Episode Number 30 entitled “Why You Can’t Monetize Your Knowledge,” or Episode Number 35 called “Why You Shouldn’t Create A Scalable Business?” We’ll answer that at the end of the show.

So like I said, I have an About Page that’s been shared over 740 times on Twitter at this point. Now, this About Page is super long and extremely in-depth. This isn’t the kind of quick bullet-pointed About Page that you would expect to be shared a lot, but nevertheless it’s been shared a whole lot of times. And the reason why this About Page has been such an asset to my business and such an asset to me and has been shared so many times is that it has followed a very specific, very, very specific formula called “The Super Hero Formula”.

So just to explain what’s happening here; if you want to be successful in your market, your market must see you as a super hero, which means that your story needs to conform to a specific and certain structure. And I’m about to share that structure with you in just a second, but first I need you to grasp that you truly need to be a hero to your market. You need to be version 2.0 of the target person who you’re marketing to.

Superhero Formula: How To Write An About Page (Cult Of Personality)
So let’s delve into this. What is this super hero formula and what’s the format that your About Page and your story must conform to?

Well the first element that must be in your story and the first part of the Super Hero Formula is a common enemy. You and your target market must share a common enemy that you fight against when you’re fighting on behalf of them, right, you are in a lot of ways their savior. You’re helping them accomplish specific things and part of that you go to battle against a common enemy. Now this common enemy can be something specific or it can be an idea or a concept.

Part two of the Super Hero Formula is super power. So what is your super power? What are you better at doing than just about anyone else? How do you make miracles happen for yourself and for others? Every single super hero and every single major personality has a super power. You need to have one as well.

Part three of the Super Hero Formula is purpose. Your market and the people you represent need to know that you are doing things not just for the money, that you have a larger purpose that you are serving and please when you’re writing your About Page or you’re creating the story about how came to do what you do, you must be truthful. I beg of you please be truthful in all of this, but make sure you cover all of these points if you can.

The next attribute that you must have and that everyone has, is a fatal flaw. So for example, my fatal flaw is that I can’t for the life of me get up before 10:00 AM in the morning, unless I have a plane flight or something like that in which case I am completely non-functional. Another fatal flaw of mine is that I am incredibly unproductive. I truly can only get about one thing done per day. If I try and get more than one thing done per day I end up having a lot of problems and I end getting kind of distracted and not getting anything done at all.

Part number five of the Super Hero Formula is your origin story. You must have a story that explains how you went from kind of an ordinary person to someone who does what you do. How did you transform from someone who is just going about your life to someone who does the kinds of things that you do for a living? How did you become the personality that you are today?

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed the Super Hero Formula. I hope you truthfully and authentically and honestly implement this in your About Page and when it comes to writing your own story about how you came to do what you do.

Finally, I must give credit where credit is due. I read a bunch of different pieces of this Super Hero Formula, not this exact articulation of it but I read different pieces about this from a number of different people and a number of different books. But perhaps the most insightful look at this came from some writings by a man named Dan Kennedy. So I do want to attribute credit where credit is due.

Well that just about wraps up today’s marketing show. But before we end for the day, I want to answer today’s marketing quiz.

So the answer to the question, “Which episode of The Marketing Show has generated the greatest number of comments?” is episode number three. Episode Number Three, entitled “Stop Helping People,” has generated more comments than any other episode of The Marketing Show.

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My name is Clay Collins, I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of The Marketing Show and I’ll talk to you next week. Take care.