Infographic: 5 Ways to Fix Your Low-Converting Landing Page Copy So It Connects and Converts

Okay, so you’ve got your product or service all ready to go. You think it’s the best thing since sliced bread and it’s going to revolutionize the world, make everyone’s lives better and make you a billionaire.

You’ve built your landing page, where you’ve highlighted the features of your product or service, told everyone how fabulous it is and explained why they should buy it. You’ve done all of the things you know you’re supposed to do when launching a new venture.

“Ahhhh,” you say to yourself. “Everything is finally in place. I can sit back and start watching the money roll in.”

And you wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And nobody clicks on the buy button.

You check your page statistics. Yes, your landing page is showing up in the SERP and people are coming to your landing page. So why is no one buying?

Stop for a second.

Have you actually thought about the people visiting your page? Truly thought about what you are offering them and how it will affect them? Have you answered the question every single one of them is asking when they come to your website – “What’s in it for me?”

You see, when people visit any site on the Internet, they really don’t care how fabulous your product or service is. They don’t want to know about the amazing features, the multiple ways this thing can be used, or whatever else you’re trying to tell them. They really want to know how your product will make their lives better.

If your website looks like it might provide them with a solution to their problem, they’ll click on your link.

But if you don’t grab them right away… If you don’t show them how your product is the solution they’re looking for… If you don’t answer that question of “What’s in it for me?” They’ll just click back to their SERP page and go on to the next thing that looks like it might solve their problem.

This is commonly referred to as “engaging your customer.” It’s the fine art of showing any website visitor exactly how your product or service will make his or her life better.

Here are five things you can do to not only engage your customer, but also improve your landing page copy and conversion rates.

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How do you engage your customers?

What do you do to answer their question, “What’s in it for me?”

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