Check It Out: The World’s First Conversion Marketing Platform for Children

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Leadpages makes building a landing page so quick and simple, just about anyone can do it. Which got us thinking.

If your kids are old enough to walk and talk, aren’t they old enough to monetize?

That’s why today—April 1, 2017—we’re announcing our newest product: Kidpages, the first conversion marketing platform for children.

When we analyzed the pre-K martech landscape, we discovered a huge gap in software designed to support your child’s natural entrepreneurial instincts.

If you’ve got young children at home, you’ve probably noticed that they aren’t really doing much to move the needle when it comes to revenue.

And it’s not their fault.

They just haven’t been given the right tools.

Right now, when most children want to establish a new income stream, they’re stuck with pathetically unscalable business models such as front-yard lemonade stands and good-behavior-for-allowance trading schemes.

And at Leadpages, we’re not OK with that.

Enter Kidpages. We’re several months away from launching a beta version of this groundbreaking product, but we wanted to let you know as soon as our engineers and tiny software testers had reached a viable concept. That moment is now.

When Kidpages is ready for public release, you’ll find features including…

  • The world’s only crayon-powered landing page builder: If they can scribble, they can use our forthcoming high-tech touchpad to create an effective landing page.
  • An ultra-responsive, whine-activated user interface: Kidpages uses artificial intelligence to determine whether your youngster is crying because it’s past her naptime or because she knows the default font will undermine the brand image she wants to project.
  • Multi-device compatibility: Every marketing asset your child creates will look and perform just as beautifully on a Li’l Kiddies My First Laptop as it does on an Etch-a-Sketch.
  • Child-friendly analytics dashboard: How do you communicate revenue-driven marketing concepts to the child who hasn’t yet learned about fractions or numerals larger than 9? Kidpages has the solution. Kids simply log in and click the “How Good Is It?” tab to see their marketing performance displayed in terms of how many cookies or stuffed animals they could buy.

Kidpages is the perfect solution to turn preschoolers into marketers who are as hungry for business growth as they are for Play-Doh. Tell your child about Kidpages today, and sign up for our beta list to be notified the moment it’s ready.

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What Kidpages features does your child need most? Tell us in the comments!