[LeadBoxes Clinic] Exactly How to Use LeadBoxes to Boost Your Conversions

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Transcript: Hey and welcome to the first edition of the LeadBoxes clinic where we take a handful of different websites and talk about how they could use LeadBoxes to improve their conversion rates and performance. So let’s get this started in 3, 2, 1.

LeadBoxes application number 1 is when you’re giving away a custom LeadMagnet with every blog post. For example on this post, you can see how James Shramko is using the strategy of giving away a LeadMagnet that is customed to each individual blog post and James has told us that doing this is really boosting his opt-ins. Ezra Firestone is also implementing this tactic of giving away a custom LeadMagnet to rapidly build his list. For example, Ezra is allowing you to opt in to get the PDF transcript of this specific video, but you can give away any customized LeadMagnet for your individual blog post to boost opt-in rates.

So let’s brainstorm different things in your business. For example, if you had a food blog, you could give away recipes. If you write long blog posts, one thing you could do is save those posts as PDFs and to boost opt-in rates allow people to opt in for a LeadMagnet that’s customized to that specific post. Giving away a custom LeadMagnet with every blog post is the fastest way we know of to grow your blog’s opt-in rate.

What we suggest for this instance is instead of sending people from the blog post to a separate landing page, that instead they just have a LeadBox appear on the website. As you can see here in an older blog post on the LeadPages blog, we used to send people from the blog post to a landing page where they could then opt in for the LeadMagnet. But what we’ve found is that opt-ins increased around 30%-40% on average when you move from sending people to a separate landing page where they can opt in compared to just having the opt-in box appear right on the page.

Now there are times when it makes more sense to send people to a separate landing page. For example, if you’re sending people from an email, paid advertising or affiliate promotions, then a landing page definitely works better. The rule of thumb to keep in mind is if someone is already on a page, don’t have them leave the page to opt in. Use a LeadBox to have them opt in on a page they’re already on. So we recommend having a LeadBox appear on the page like this because it outperforms having an opt-in box right on the page and it outperforms sending people to a separate landing page.

Taking a look at a great example of someone employing this strategy right now, we’ll go to SmartPassiveIncome.com and we’ll check out the box at the bottom of Pat Flynn’s blog post where you can opt in to his email list. Instead of having this form on the page or sending people to a separate landing page, he just has an opt-in box appear right there.

The next instance where we encourage people to use LeadBoxes are on guest posts. In this example, guest post by Lawton Chiles in the bio section, he encourages people to click this link to find out more about it. That link takes you to a landing page but conversion rates will generally be much better if instead of sending people from blog post A to landing page B that you just send them to a LeadBox on the page they’re already on. LeadPages user Jessica Omen from WriteAhead.ca tried this and reported in the blog comments that she was able to get dozens of new subscribers and her best conversion rates ever by using this exact method. We recently had a guest post on our blog by Amy Porterfield and as example of what Amy could have done, rather than send people to another page, she could have collected leads directly from our blog and this isn’t just something that would work on our blog, Amy could have done this on any blog that she guest posts on.

Now the next instance where we recommend people use Lead boxes is when using an opt-in form on the side bar of your page. Here’s Derek Halpern’s site SocialTriggers.com and Derek has an opt-in box on the side bar. On Neil Patel’s site QuickSprout.com, there’s also an opt-in on the sidebar. Here we are at our blog sidebar. As you just saw, most people have the opt-in form right there in the side bar but instead when we click here, the LeadBox appears right on the page.

Now if you’re afraid that using a LeadBox in your sidebar will decrease opt-ins, you can create an opt-in form and have a LeadBox as well. Here at LeadPages though, we’ve found that it more than works and provides excellent conversion rates to just have the LeadBox right on the sidebar of the page with no opt-in box. Some people are concerned that LeadBoxes and LeadPages won’t integrate with the email service providers they already use in their business. Well LeadBox currently integrates with these email service providers AWeber, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Office Autopilot, SendReach, iContact, GetResponse, GetResponse360, 1ShoppingCart, ConstantContact, MadMimi, Interspire, GoToWebinar and we’re always adding more integrations. What’s really cool about LeadPages is that it actually works with webinar registrations too. So for example when someone opts in they not only be added to MailChimp but they’d be registered for an upcoming webinar and at the time of the opt-in you can also have to your LeadBox deliver your LeadMagnet for you.

In this video, we’re sharing the numbers that we’ve found in our business, but as always be sure to test this out to see what kind of results you get in your specific business. If you have any questions about implementation of LeadBoxes, type them into the comments below this video. Clay, Kat and I as well as the rest of the LeadPages team will be there answering your questions as they come in.

If you’re not a LeadPages customer and you’d like to use LeadBoxes or LeadPages, go to www.LeadPages.net to get LeadPages.

I’m Jeff Wenberg. Happy LeadBoxing.