The New Way to Understand and Build Campaign Funnels That Actually Convert

Campaign Funnel Building System

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Landing pages, unconnected and unpromoted, won’t grow your business.

But, inherently, you already knew that. Think of the last time you created a landing page…and did nothing with it.

Pretty crazy to even entertain the thought, right? You never do that, because you know a landing page floating around on the internet is basically useless.

So you email your list. Or maybe you link the page in a Facebook post. Either way, you’ve driven traffic to your landing page because that’s what you need to do — get people to your page so they can join your list or buy your product.

It’s common sense. And it’s also the beginning of a marketing funnel.

Seems simple enough. And yet, for the longest time, funnel building has been made out to be this overwhelmingly complicated process inspired by the otherworldly knowledge that requires years of experience and countless hours of rigorous study to fully master.

Which isn’t surprising, because most funnel diagrams out there look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 2.49.00 PM

Which, to 99% of the population, is about as easy to follow as this:

I’m told this is a “math problem,” and there is indeed some sort of way to solve it. Apparently.

You know what? It doesn’t have to be this way. It doesn’t have to be this complicated.

Here’s the good news. We at LeadPages have created an entirely new system that will change the very foundation of funnel building so anyone (yes, anyone) will be able to create long-form, high-converting funnels to rival any so-called “funnel expert” out there.

The secret? It all starts with something called a Micro Funnel:

Micro Funnel LeadPages

Micro Funnels are building blocks that make up a full funnel sequence. They’re composed of three pieces: a landing page, a LeadBox™ and a thank you page. This unique combination of pages gets your visitors to opt in for a download, join a webinar or email list, or buy your products.

To create a start-to-finish marketing campaign, you can string these Micro Funnels together with what I call “connectors.” By “connectors,” I’m talking about things like emails and resources like lead magnets, webinars, podcasts and more—things that help move people through your micro-funnels and, ultimately, generate sales.

Finally, when you’ve set up your Micro Funnels and connectors, you turn on traffic elements to attract visitors into your funnel.

It’s an understatement to say we’re excited to share in detail how you can use this new system to grow your business. So excited, in fact, we’re going to share it with you absolutely free.

On top of giving you this lesson for free, we’re ALSO going to give you six pre-built campaign funnels that you can use right away. These six campaign funnels are some of the most successful and widely used campaigns in marketing, and we show you how to easily construct them following our system. Here’s one example:

Webinar to Sale Campaign Funnel

Oh, and one last thing. If all that wasn’t enough, we’re also including a video that shows you step by step how to actually set up a Micro Funnel using LeadPages. From creating landing pages to setting up emails, we’ll walk you through how to get started right now.

All of that. Completely free.

So grab those right now before you dive into the lessons:

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We’ve broken this system down into seven easy lessons to help turn you into a funnel building master. We take things step by step, with each lesson building upon the previous one until you’re ready to start building funnels yourself! Check out the chapters:

Chapter 1: The Three Paths Behind Every Marketing Campaign in History:

The goal of marketing is to elicit three very distinct responses from potential customers. We’ll talk about these three paths and why they’re so crucial to driving conversions.


Chapter 2: The Micro Funnel:

A funnel is like a strand of DNA: as complex as it can be, it’s built from simple elements connected in different ways. We’ll show you what this Micro Funnel is and why every successful funnel MUST contain it.


Chapter 3: Landing Pages - The Engine Behind the Micro Funnel:

Certain pages are used more than others when constructing funnels, and we’ll show you when and where to expertly use these pages.


Chapter 4: Connecting Micro Funnels with Emails:

Emails are the thread that connect every Micro Funnel in a funnel. We’ll demonstrate how to link together emails using action- and timing-based paths to pull visitors deeper and deeper into your funnel.


Chapter 5: Resource Fulfillment - Delivering the Goods:

When you promise a video, resource guide or any other form of content, this is how you deliver it to your audience. We’ll show you our favorite types of resources and how they, like emails, string micro funnels together.


Chapter 6: Traffic Sources - Driving Traffic From Beginning to End:

If a funnel falls in the woods, and nobody’s around, does it convert? The answer is absolutely not, and we’ll talk about how and where to place traffic sources at the most opportune points in your funnel.


Chapter 7: Making Money - The Sale Micro Funnel:

At the end of any successful funnel lies the mechanism that grows the number in your bank account. We’ll talk about this one component and how to use it in your funnel.


Chapter 8: Bringing It All Together - Campaign Funnel Examples:

Once we’ve run through all the basics behind building funnels, we’ll show you some of our favorite campaign funnels and explain their core pieces.


Ready to start cranking out high-converting funnels? Good. Let’s get down to it, starting off with a surprisingly simple insight that could very well be the Rosetta Stone of marketing…