[Leadpages Training] Get Coaching From LeadPages Experts Every Week

Get LeadPages Implementation Coaching and weekly strategic marketing calls with LeadPages experts by becoming a LeadPages Advanced member.

Video Transcript:

Jeff Wenberg: One of our biggest features for Advanced users of LeadPages is the implementation coaching program. This is a fantastic opportunity to get personalized consulting for your business. Here to tell you more about what our implementation coaching consists of is our marketing educator, Bob the Teacher.

Bob Jenkins: The implementation coaching program is your opportunity to get the help you need to get up and running quickly and the ongoing training to make sure you’re able to use your LeadPages account in a very strategic way to grow your business.

Jeff Wenberg: The first thing that you get is a one-on-one implementation session with one of our technical support specialists. Members of our Customer Happiness Team are going to get on the phone with you and, for up to an hour, walk you through the process of getting your first lead page up and running quickly. You’ll leave the call knowing exactly what steps to take to repeat that process, but you’ll also have your first lead page live online right then and there. People love this part of the program because they’re able to have their first lead page up and running and to have their specific questions answered right there on the spot with one of our technical support specialists.

The second thing that you get is access to our Office Hours mentoring program. In this group program, we meet once a week where members of our marketing team will answer your specific questions to make sure you know how to not only LeadPages more strategically, but also how to think bigger about what’s possible for your business.

For example, you could ask Chris Davis, the head of our marketing automation team, about how to put together a good e-mail sequence or campaign for your next marketing promotion. You could talk Tanya Brody, who’s one of our lead copywriters about how to convey a message that actually gets people to convert. Of course, you can also talk to people like Jeff Wenberg and Tim Page, who are fantastic at doing webinars and producing content online. Of course, I’ll be there to answer your questions around productivity, pricing your products, and thinking bigger about your business.

It’s truly awesome to see how fast people progress taking action on what we share with them. The implementation coaching program is my absolute favorite feature of the Advanced level and it gives anybody who’s running their own business the opportunity to grow faster and not have to figure it all out on their own.

Jeff Wenberg: This implementation coaching can be worth thousands to your business, but, when you become an enterprise-level member of LeadPages, you’ll get all of this included with your account at no extra charge. If you’re already a LeadPages user and you’d like to take advantage of this powerful coaching, just upgrade your account. Go to my.leadpages.net and click on your name in the top right-hand corner. Then click “upgrade my account.” Finally, choose an enterprise plan. We recommend being billed annually because it’s 30% less than paying monthly. Confirm you want to upgrade, and that’s it, your account is now upgraded.

If you’re not a LeadPages customer and you’d like to take advantage of the implementation coaching plus all the other amazing features inside of LeadPages; such as LeadDigits, LeadBoxes, and LeadLinks; as well as built-in split testing tools, amazing analytics, phone support, and access to our affiliate program; just click the button below and choose an Advanced plan.

I’m Jeff Wenberg and I’ll talk to you in the next Office Hours call.