Now Closed: We’re Raising Prices… Get In Now and Lock In the Lowest Rate Forever (Ends: Midnight Friday)

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Note: Before you purchase, we highly encourage you to watch the video above in its entirety, so you can get all the details about your five new sub-accounts and how to lock in our lowest rate for your Advanced Annual membership.


Frequently Asked Questions About This Offer

What’s the Deadline to Join LeadPages® to Take Advantage of This Offer?

This offer ends Friday, July 31st at Midnight Eastern.

To lock in our current rate for your Advanced Annual membership and get five free sub-accounts, you must either purchase or upgrade to a Advanced Annual membership of LeadPages® between now and Friday at midnight Eastern.

Tell Me Again: Which Membership Do I Need to Purchase to Get In On This?

There are four ways to get in on this exclusive offer…

  1. If you’re NOT a LeadPages® member yet: Purchase a Advanced Annual membership of LeadPages® before Friday, July 31st at midnight Eastern.
  1. If you’re already a Standard or Pro LeadPages® member: Upgrade your LeadPages® membership to a Advanced Annual membership before Friday, July 31st at midnight Eastern.
  1. If you’re already a Advanced Monthly member: Upgrade your Advanced Monthly membership to an Advanced Annual membership before Friday, July 31st at midnight Eastern, to lock in this annual rate and get up to five free sub-accounts.
  1. If you’re already an Advanced Annual or Advanced 2-Year Member: You’re in! No need to do anything. You will get up to five free sub-accounts in your account. Also, you locked in your current subscription price when you first purchased. You’ll never pay more than your current rate for as long as you remain a member.

How Can I Upgrade If I’m Already a LeadPages® Member?

There are two ways to upgrade. First, as a LeadPages® member, click on the account settings inside your LeadPages® membership portal.

Then, click on “Upgrade My Account” to upgrade your membership level. Finally, choose “Advanced Annual” and confirm you want to upgrade.

Enterprise Sub-Accounts Promo Image 2 (2)Second, if you don’t see “Upgrade My Account” inside your account (or you’re uncertain of your current membership level), reach out to our support team and they’ll upgrade you.

Otherwise, if you’re not already a LeadPages® member, you can purchase a LeadPages® Advanced Annual membership and claim your five free sub-accounts and lock in the current rate before the price goes up.


I’m In! When Will I Get My Five Sub-Accounts?

Great! We’re excited to have you onboard!

You can expect your five free sub-accounts to appear in your account next week (starting on August 3rd).

You will see your new free sub-accounts at the top of your LeadPages® account where it says “Manage Your Sub Accounts.”

Enterprise Sub-Account Promo Image 1Until then, please enjoy the rest of your Advanced LeadPages® features. You can start using LeadDigits™, get phone support, and sign up for implementation coaching with one of our implementation coaches immediately.

What Does “Locking in the Lowest Rate” Mean?

Once you purchase any LeadPages® membership, you will never pay more for your subscription level than your initial price as long as you remain a LeadPages® member.

It doesn’t matter how we may raise prices in the future, you lock in your current rate as soon as you purchase. That’s why our current Advanced Annual members and 2-Year Advanced members will continue to pay their existing rate for as long as they remain members, even after the price is raised on August 1st.

If you purchase or upgrade to an Advanced Annual membership this week, you will never pay more for this membership level—for as long as you remain a member.

Tell Me More About These Five Sub-Accounts: What Can I Use Them For?

This feature allows you to have one master LeadPages® account, plus five additional Pro LeadPages® accounts that you can manage from inside your master account.

Sub-accounts come in handy if…

  • You have multiple integrations from the same email service provider that you’d like to use with LeadPages®. (This means you could use multiple AWeber accounts at the same time, for example.)
  • You have clients who would like to use LeadPages®.
  • You have multiple businesses you’d like to use LeadPages® with.
  • You have multiple members on your team who all use LeadPages®, and you would like to create separate logins and sub-accounts for your team members.

If you purchase or upgrade to an Advanced Annual or 2-Year membership this week, you’ll get access to five sub-accounts and lock in the current price for an Advanced Annual membership for as long as you remain a member.

That’s only if you purchase or upgrade to an Advanced Annual or Advanced 2-Year member before Friday at midnight Eastern. Click below to get started now.


I’m an Advanced Member. I Already Have Two Sub-Accounts Included in My LeadPages® Account. Will I Still Get Five More?

If you already have one or two free sub-accounts, then we will simply give you additional sub-accounts until you have a total of five.

So for example, if you already have one sub-account included in your LeadPages account, we will give you four more. If you have two sub-accounts, we will give you three more, to bring your total sub-accounts to five.

If I’m Currently Paying for Additional Sub-Accounts, Will I Get These Five Sub-Accounts?

If you’re already an Advanced Annual or Advanced 2-Year member, then yes, you will get an additional five sub-accounts added to your LeadPages® membership.

If you’re a Pro member or Advanced monthly member (and you’re paying for sub-accounts), then you must upgrade to an Advanced Annual or Advanced 2-Year membership to get access to these five extra sub-accounts.

Sub-Accounts Sound Great, But I’m Also Interested in LeadDigits™. What Can I Use LeadDigits™ for Again?

Once you have access to LeadDigits™, people can opt into your email lists and register for your upcoming webinars—all with a single SMS text conversation.

Here’s how it works…

Once your LeadDigit™ is set up, simply ask your potential customers to text your unique identifier word to your LeadDigit™ number. (We give you up to 10 identifiers that you can use for your individual marketing campaigns.)

When a person sends a text [containing that unique identifier] to your LeadDigit™ number, they will receive an immediate response back asking for their email address. Once this person responds with their email address, they will be instantly added to your email list. You can also simultaneously register this person for your next webinar if you choose.

In this way, you can use LeadDigits™ to capture leads and grow your customer base from almost anywhere.

Do All Five Sub-Accounts Come with Their Own LeadDigits™?

Yes! If you have an Advanced LeadPages membership, we’ll be adding LeadDigits™ to all your individual sub-accounts starting in August.

If you purchase an Advanced Annual membership this week, you’ll get one Advanced master account with 10 LeadDigit™ unique identifiers that you can use to create 10 unique LeadDigit™ campaigns. Plus, you’ll also get five additional sub-accounts, each with their own 10 LeadDigit™ identifiers.

This means you’ll get 10 LeadDigits™ for your master account + 50 LeadDigits total for your 5 individual sub-accounts, for a total of 60 possible LeadDigits™ unique identifiers.

(That alone is well worth the cost of your Advanced Annual membership this week.)

Tell Me More About Implementation Coaching: What Can I Expect?

As an Advanced member, you can schedule a 1-on-1 implementation coaching session with one of our implementation experts.

Your highly-trained LeadPages implementation expert will work with you to help you set up your first LeadPage®, your first LeadBox™, your first lead magnet, and even your first split test.

They will not let you off of this 1-on-1 call until they have done everything they possibly can to ensure that you can start using your new LeadPages® membership to its fullest potential from day #1. By the time this call is over, you’ll have your first landing page, first LeadBox™, first LeadLink™, and first split test up and running on the LeadPages® platform. Plus, you’ll have the beginnings of a high-converting lead-generation funnel up and running.

These 1-on-1 sessions last about 30 minutes. On most days, you can schedule same-day appointments. In fact, you can likely get an appointment today! (We offer same-day appointments from 9 a.m. to 5 pm Central time, five days a week.)

As soon as you take us up on this offer, you can schedule one of these 1-on-1 sessions immediately.

What Other Features Will I Get with My Advanced Annual Membership?

As an Advanced member, you get every feature at LeadPages®. That includes:

All Our Favorite Pro Features:

  • Unlimited split testing
  • Unlimited LeadLinks™
  • 1st priority email support
  • Advanced HTML export for your templates
  • Access to our affiliate program
  • Ability to upload your own custom templates
  • Chat support with our support team
  • Plus, all Pro features we release from now on

All Our Favorite Standard Features:

  • Unlimited landing page templates on unlimited domains
  • Unlimited LeadBoxes®
  • WordPress integration
  • Facebook integration
  • Ability to embed your pages on any site
  • Plus, all Standard features we release from now on

Plus, you get elite features for Advanced members only, including:

  • LeadDigits™, which allows you to grow your list with SMS text messaging
  • The Template Importer, which lets you turn landing pages you own into customizable LeadPages® templates
  • 1-on-1 Implementation Coaching Call with an implementation expert
  • Unlimited phone support to answer your support questions
  • Advanced-level integrations including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo
  • Plus, all other Advanced-level features we release from now on

Also, if you join LeadPages® at the Advanced level by Friday at midnight Eastern, you’ll get five free sub-accounts, and lock in our current rate for as long as you remain a member.

Does This Advanced Membership Come with a Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! Like all new LeadPages® memberships, Advanced Annual memberships come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you join before Friday at midnight and find for whatever reason that this new Advanced Annual membership is not for you, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll issue you a refund ASAP.