Marketing Show’s Week In Review: March 30 – April 5, 2013

From the release of new product features (e.g. push-button facebook landing pages) to new record-breaking landing page templates and some excellent split test data, you can rest assured we are working hard to provide you the tools you need to take your business to the next level this year.

Over the next 60 days, you will see a lot of changes here at the Marketing Show.

So, every Sunday we’ll recap the previous week to keep the Marketing Show Familia (you!) up to date with all the exciting changes that are in the works.

Here’s what happened this week at the Marketing Show:

Saturday 03/30:

[Split Test Results] Change This Line Of Text For A 2x Bump In Conversions

I certainly love split test posts, and I’m so glad we’ve included them in the editorial line-up! Split testing is one of the quickest ways to add zeros to your bottom line.

In this episode of the marketing show, we cover:

  • Significant split test results that we just got in this week
  • How changing just a few words in your landing page can skyrocket your results
  • A graph with black and white proof

Read the full post here.

Monday 04/01:

Henry Ford On Market Saturation

This is one of my favorite quotes from prominent entrepreneur Henry Ford, and sums up my views on market saturation perfectly.

Keep this quote in mind for the next time someone states your business idea will never happen, and let this be the driving force behind your product development.

Read the quote here.

Wednesday 04/03:

List Building 101 Resource Guide

In this mega article, you will get seven short but actionable steps that will grow your email list (and your business) even larger than you thought possible this year:

“This post is exactly the kind of value that creates more opt-ins. Thanks, Clay, for this amazing resource.” – SLee and Topher

Read the full post here.

Thursday 04/04:

[Download] How Charles Kirkland Gets A 72% Opt-In Conversion Rate

Here’s the story of how a few small tweaks got this famous marketer (Charles Kirkland) a ~72% conversion rate landing page:

In fact, this is the second highest converting landing page I’ve ever heard of in the history of my marketing education:

In this episode of the marketing show, we cover:

  • The four reasons why this page converted so well
  • Specific uses of this kind of landing page
  • The landing page template that we think will beat it (based on our research)

Read the full post here.