Now Available Inside of Leadpages™: Premium Templates from Top Designers and Marketers

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Leadpages has always offered high performing templates for free to all Leadpages customers and will continue to do so. A few weeks ago, we opened the doors to allow designers and marketing professionals to sell their best landing page templates in the Leadpages marketplace. Already top designers and marketers like Pat Flynn, Ryan Deiss, Evan Pagan, Jen Gordon and Travis Moore have released their own templates. The response has been amazing with over 85 new premium templates added to the Leadpages marketplace and over $16000 in template sales from the marketplace in just the first few weeks.

We wanted to put the expertise of these top marketers and design professionals right at your fingertips so we’re now making every marketplace template available to purchase most for less than the price of a movie right inside your Leadpages account effectively doubling the number of templates you can draw from. Not only do you have over 80 templates that come free with your Leadpages account but when logged into your Leadpages account and you select all, you see both free templates that Leadpages provides as part of your membership and templates from the Leadpages marketplace.

You can now choose proven designs used by the pros to use in your business. So why is this a big deal? For a few reasons. There are new templates added everyday so you’ll always have access to the most cutting edge design and conversion rate optimization tactics. Because you can purchase new templates right inside your Leadpages account, it makes it easier than ever to purchase and customize a template in minutes and finally it’s a very cost effective way to essentially hire pros from the marketing and design worlds to create landing page templates for your business.

Let me point out a few of our recent favorites. There’s this event meet up page by Irving Rivera, there’s this opt-in page by Travis Moore. There’s book sales page by Leadpages’ very own Sean Bester, the sales page for consultants by Jen Gordon, and this beautiful photo background opt-in page by These templates are just a small sampling of the available premium templates that you’ll see right in your Leadpages account. As a matter of fact, we just use this awesome webinar registration template from eight-bit studio for this month’s webinar. This page was easy to customize and took us only a few minutes.

It’s really easy to find the perfect template for any situation. So let’s say that you’ve got a pretty specific idea for an opt-in page that you would like to try out, and we’ll say this one looks like it would align perfectly with what you’re trying to do, you can immediately see a full preview of the page, purchase the template and add it to your bank of templates you can easily customize in your Leadpages account.

If for example I was marketing my app, I could see what’s available and use this landing page specifically designed or marketing apps. As you can see when you hover the page, you’ll get a full preview of what the page looks like along with what the template costs at the bottom of the page. For clarification here all templates created by Leadpages are absolutely free. The premium templates created by Leadpages are absolutely free. The premium templates created by third party template authors in our marketplace are available for a fee. If you would like the full screen view or if you would like to purchase a template, just click on it and you will be taken to the template preview where you ca investigate the template further.

Once you’re ready to purchase, just click this button, fill out your details and the template will be immediately added to your Leadpages account where you can start customizing it. There are pages here for everything. If you are a real estate agent there are pages you can use for listings, if you are a health and fitness professional, there’s pages you can use for sales and lead generation. If you’re an author there are pages you can use for building your list and launching your book. You name it, there’s a template available for it. The flexibility Leadpages users get for any business scenario has instantly increased with the new addition of these templates. With over 80 free templates and the addition of another 80 plus premium templates available right inside of Leadpages, there’s sure to be a solution for any type of business. Without Leadpages, creating just one custom landing page can take weeks or months and hundreds of dollars to implement. With Leadpages, you can publish unlimited pages and do all the customizations within minutes without ever having to touch a line of code.

Just head to and click on the button below the video to get Leadpages. If you’re unsure , which plan to go with, recommend the Pro Annual plan and when you get Leadpages and log into your account, you can switch the selector from free only to all and get the largest selection possible with not only free templates from Leadpages showing but templates from the marketplace as well.

The pro plan comes with the majority of the features we have, allows for split testing your Leadpages and LeadBoxes and is 40% cheaper than paying monthly. All of our plans also come with a 30-day guarantee so join us at the pro annual level today.