One Month Out: Who’s Using LeadBoxes To Build Their List?

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A few weeks back, we announced the release of LeadBoxes. LeadBoxes allows you to connect a lead capture box to any link and collect multiple form feeds. For example LeadBoxes can be used to capture email addresses from the sidebar like this, from a blog post like this, from a bio section of a guest post like this or anywhere else that you can post an HMTL link. LeadBoxes also has built-in analytics and can also be used with external analytics programs like Google Analytics so you’re able to track your LeadBoxes’ performance. You can also use multiple form fields if you’d like to. We’ve seen astronomical adoption and the response was overwhelming in a good way. We wanted to highlight some of the great ways people are using LeadBoxes so you can do the same in your business.

Now users have had a little bit of time to start implementing LeadBoxes and they’re basically using it how we expected them to. For example, this isn’t a page created in LeadPages, however on this site by the famous author and podcaster Michael Hyatt, when you click on I’d like the videos you can enter your info to get them. Remember, in the past we’ve seen an increase of around 30% just from going from a one-step opt-in process where the opt-in box is on the page to a two-step opt-in where you click on a link and the opt-in appears. We’ll put some links below to other posts on why this works.

On the created by Cathy Presland, they show people as it says here how to write the book that helps them stand out and be seen and they have free training exercises for becoming a writer. Now this blog isn’t created with LeadPages but when you click here to get the course that over 10,000 writers have taken, you’ll see they’re using a LeadBox.

Now what’s really cool about LeadBoxes is you can make them so when someone opts-in they’re not only added to your list but LeadBoxes can be used to sign people up for a webinar, a Google Hangout at the same exact time. So if for example I ran the and wanted to do this, I’d simply go into this LeadBox inside of LeadPages and turn this switch on right here. Now when someone opts in they’re not only added to my list but they’re also registered for an upcoming webinar.

Over at, which is a huge resource for learning about dowsing, what it is, how to do it and so on, they’re using LeadBoxes when someone clicks on this button for a free dowsing lesson. A huge timesaving feature inside of LeadBoxes is the ability to send an email directly from LeadPages after somebody opts in. You can use this feature to send your lead magnets so you don’t have to set up extra delivery emails in your email service provider. It’s one of the biggest timesaving features we know of. So for example if I ran and wanted to send this dowsing lesson directly from LeadPages right when somebody opted in here, I’d go to my LeadBox inside of LeadPages and turn on send an email after somebody opts in on this LeadBox. Select the dowsing lesson and save it. Now when someone opts in, they’ll be sent the dowsing lesson immediately and I didn’t have to do anything other than turn this feature on in LeadPages.

Finally our good friends at are using LeadBoxes to build their list by sending you free tutorials when you opt-in. You’ll see that they’re not collecting multiple form fields, they’re only collecting email addresses. We’ve talked in great length about this in previous videos about how this can boost your conversions so we’ll also put some links below this video about that as well. So these are four really great use cases for how people are implementing LeadBoxes. We always like seeing how our users are doing and we like to thank everyone who’s using LeadBoxes.

If you have any examples of how you’re using LeadBoxes in your business or you’ve seen a good example why you’ve been online, please post a link in the comments section below this video. If you’re not using LeadBoxes in your business and you’d like to be, please visit to get LeadBoxes now.

I’m Jeff Wenberg. Have a splendiferous day.