Product Update: Here’s What’s New in Leadpages for May 2017

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We’re happy to announce three quick product updates for you. Check out the video above to see the latest features, including the new analytics dashboard.

For more in-depth information on the custom CSS update, visit this Knowledge Base article: Setting Up Page Options (Drag & Drop Builder).

Transcript: Hi, I’m Annabelle. Spring is here, and we’re back with the latest product updates for Leadpages. We are super excited about our newly redesigned analytics dashboard.

See real-time data of your page views and conversions. You can monitor your growth over time by adjusting the dates. Choose from our presets or create your own custom ranges. We even made the dashboard mobile responsive for the on-the-go entrepreneur.

We’ve enhanced the user experience with widgets, too. No more confirming to remove unwanted widgets.

Instead, just delete the widget with one simple click. Also, it’s easier to identify the widget you’re working on with our updated screen overlay.

Lastly, we’re offering experienced users more flexibility to personalize pages. Enable custom CSS and code any styling you’d like.

Simply toggle the option in your page’s Style settings. Then, add your code. There’s no need to insert <style> tags because they’re automatically updated.

And that’s your May product updates! We would love to hear from you. So write us in the comments below.