[Case Study] How Real Estate Agents Are Generating High-Quality Seller Leads with Leadpages

Bob Jenkins: Hey this is Bob the teacher the marketing educator here at Leadpages. We’re constantly coming across unique strategies that marketers in all different kinds of industries are implementing with Leadpages to grow their business. I’m excited to share another case study in this conversion series. Today’s story comes from Leadpages Power User Tyler Zey, a real estate marketing expert at Easy Agent Pro. Originally, Tyler wrote a blog post specifically for real estate agents explaining how he was using Leadpages and Facebook ads to generate high quality seller leads for a fraction of what it would typically cost real estate agents to get those leads elsewhere. However, we think there’s a lot to learn from this method for anyone who sells high ticket items and one-on-one client services, whether you’re a real estate agent, a consultant, business coach, financial advisor, et cetera. We reached out to Tyler over Skype to give you a deeper look at the strategy. Here he is.

Tyler Zey: Hey I’m Tyler with Easy Agent Pro and I’m here talking with the guys from Leadpages today because there’s a new way that you can generate leads online and I’m really passionate about sharing with realtors the tools that you can use in 2015 and beyond to you know really grow your business and get more leads. A lead can turn into four thousand up to ten thousand dollars and so it’s really important to generate those local leads for yourself.

Bob Jenkins: Trulia and Zillow are popular sites for real estate agents to purchase leads. However, Tyler’s strategy allows you to collect leads directly. When you use this strategy you can get really specific and targeted with the leads you want to attract. Tyler’s system works likes this: he would drive traffic via online advertisements to a custom landing page which would capture seller leads. This proved to generate higher quality leads and saved him a bunch of money. To create the landing page Tyler took this Leadpages template and turned it into this customized landing page to collect hot seller leads.

Tyler Zey: When it comes to making websites like this you don’t really have to hire a coder to do that anymore. Leadpages makes it really easy to do that. If you look at my site almost all my landing pages are built with Leadpages. I actually use their LeadBoxes.

Bob Jenkins: One thing Tyler learned when making his page in Leadpages was to look at what successful real estate agents are doing with their own landing pages and using that as inspiration.

Tyler Zey: You don’t have to start from scratch. You don’t have to hire some consultant. You can literally just go out there and see what landing pages Trulia is using. Then once you have sort of a baseline of okay that works eight percent of the time for me, you can customize it, maybe add in some words that you think might work better, and see if that actually does.

Bob Jenkins: You can do this no matter what industry you’re in. See what colors bigger companies are using on their pages, analyze their headlines and the text on their call to action buttons, notice what kinds of buttons they’re using. These companies have split tested and researched these tactics like crazy and it’s a great way to get inspiration. Once the landing page is set up start running ads to it. Tyler recommends Facebook ads, but you can also use Google, Bing, or others.

Tyler Zey: Facebook four hundred bucks can get you five to six leads a week starting out, and then you can decrease that and increase leads.

Bob Jenkins: The most important part of this process is having a high converting landing page. Tyler turned to Leadpages to make it easy. Originally Tyler used the new Basic Squeeze Page Template inside Leadpages to implement this strategy. Recently though, as a Pro Leadpages Member Tyler created and uploaded his own custom opt-in page template specifically for the purpose we’ve discussed in this video. I’ve got great news for you. Tyler’s agreed to make this template available. Since we want you to be able to apply these same techniques in your own business we’re giving away a real estate starter pack, including all the HTML files for Tyler’s template, plus a PDF outlining this lead generation strategy. Just click the download button below and we’ll send you the real estate starter pack straight to your inbox. Even if you’re not a real estate agent you can use this template to generate higher qualified leads at a lower cost. The template is yours free and there’s absolutely no obligation to buy anything. There’s no catch, but I can tell you that you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in implementation and deployment costs by using Leadpages to customize and publish these proven pages.

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