[Case Study] This Real Estate Pro Doubled His Opt-in Rate with Leadpages

Twin Cities real estate investor, Dan McCabe used LeadPages to advertise his programs and saw his conversion rates double just by using LeadPages.

Small business owner Dan McCabe is a man of many titles. However, one title that Dan doesn’t give himself is “Internet marketer.” Dan is a real estate investor, as well as the President and Founder of the Minnesota Real Estate Club here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Despite not being an Internet marketer, Dan began to take charge of his company’s lead generation campaigns and needed a solution that was not only easy for him to use, but worked right out of the box and would help him attract serious real estate investors like himself. Dan found an article about Leadpages, another Minnesota company, in the local paper.

Leadpages produced easy-to-use, lead generation software that would allow him to create everything he needed to get new leads into his business funnel in just a few minutes. Dan was intrigued and decided to give the local start-up a try.

Luckily for Dan, Leadpages was exactly what he needed to grow his real estate investment business. Leadpages has made Dan’s lead generation campaigns easier for someone who describes himself as a”real estate investor, not an Internet marketer.”