Steal This Email Marketing Tactic…Straight From Our “Swipe File” [download]

Clay: Hello everyone, my name is Clay Collins…

James: I’m James Lepine.

Clay: …and when it comes to marketing, if you’re an entrepreneur, we’ve got your back. In this episode of the Marketing Show, we are going to talk about why interaction equals money, and we’re going to give you our favorite marketing e-mail of all time, and we’re going to give you some swipe copy that you can use in your business that’s based off this. So that’s what you have to look forward to in this episode of the Marketing Show.

So in just a second, we’re going to talk about how interaction equals money in your business, but not all kinds of interaction, just specific kinds of interaction. We’re going to use swipe copy from our business that we use. It’s helped us tremendously. But before we do that, what?

James: Yeah, we want to give some shout-outs to some folks who commented last week on last week’s episode of the Marketing Show. These are folks who left insightful, smart, helpful comments, contributed the conversation, and we just want to recognize you and give you a shout-out here.

Clay: Awesome. Let’s do it.

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A Sample Example Of How To Write A Welcome Email Message

Okay Clay, so what do we have here?

Clay: What we have here is the e-mail that folks get after – like immediately after they’ve opted in to our list. So when you join one of our list, you get an e-mail that says something like this. Welcome to the family, and then in parenthesis, please read, and it goes like this. First of all, you’re in. welcome to the Interactive Offer family. This is for our Interactive Offer mailing list. If you have a second, I’d like to get to know you a bit, so if you can do just one thing for me today, I’d really, really appreciate it if you’d just hit reply to this message and drop a quick note and say hi. If you have a moment, I’d love for you to quickly tell me where you’re from, and if you’ve got an extra 30 seconds, I’d like to know what ideal outcome you’d like me to help bring into your life. Anyway, since we’ve found each other, I’ll be cooking you up with all sorts of cool stuff in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Take care, Clay Collins.

So a couple of things. The first thing is that this is not an insane survey, right?

James: Right.

Clay: So there’s a low barrier to interaction here. All you have to do is hit reply to this e-mail. Let us know like one, where you’re from; and two, what outcome you’d like us to help you accomplish in your life. So this really hits on one thing. You know, when I say interaction equals money, it’s not any interaction equals money like interacting with folks on Twitter for example doesn’t always, you know, result in money, same with Facebook. It’s interacting with people about their desires, about the outcomes they want. Just chatting generally with people does not equal money. There’s a lot of people, you know, who I chat with on a daily basis maybe at the grocery store, maybe casually, and that doesn’t necessarily equal money, and I don’t want it to. So that’s the first thing I want you to keep your money.

The second thing other than low barrier of entry is that this is really the first phase of what I call an interaction letter. So in our business, you know, we start really, really – You know, we have a low-barrier entry to start interacting. It’s just respond to this e-mail and let us know these two things. It takes a short period of time. And what do we do with each one of this e-mails James?

James: Yeah, we answer each and every one of these e-mails. So folks…

Clay: Every single one.

James: Every single one of them, and we get a lot, and folks write in and say, “Hey, you know, I’m John from Florida, and I just started my website, and I’m looking to build passive income,” you know. And it varies from all kinds of things, but we always write back and say, “You know, it’s so great to hear from you, and we mean it. We love hearing from folks from all over the world. It’s really a cool thing, and then just, you know, we can congratulate them on whatever their goal is and say that we hope that we can help with that.

Clay: And we’d like to look at their websites.

James: We check out their websites. Yeah, we like kind of get to know them a little bit and figure out who they are and what they’re doing.

Clay: And I remember like back in the day when we were blowing up. I remember like in one instance, we were kind of covered on a fairly – on a pretty huge website, and like I was traveling for the weekend. My business…

…partner, Tracey, was answering all of these, and like she’s about killed me. She’s like what? Why did you tell everyone that we respond to every single one of these and we’ll get their website and like say stuff?

But we do it. And a lot of people ask questions about scalability. Look, unless you’re getting like a thousand opt-ins a day, you know, you can make this happen. Not every single person is going to reply to this, but the people who do, it is well worth your time to respond. It really creates bond. It creates trust. It’s wonderful market research and it gets you started in a conversation about what folks want.

You know, of course, you know, when we do this, I talk about the interaction letters so maybe we’ll start out with this, then maybe later, we’ll share our story with them and get – you know, get other people to like come in on a blog post, and then we raise the bar to like maybe surveys, and we raise the bar to, you know, phone calls, or other higher forms of interaction so that we can, you know, co-create products together. But again, interaction, not about anything, but interaction about people’s desires, about their wants, not their likes, not their needs, but their wants creates money.

Anyway, we’re going to give this to you to download. Maybe we’ll have a link to this. In our comments, of course, if you join any of our mailing list, you can get this as well, but like this isn’t like a pitch. This isn’t like, you know, like I guess it’s this side, right? It’s the – I’m being dyslexic here. It’s like this side, right?

James: Yeah, yeah.

Clay: Right. So we’re not like, you know, like doing that. We’ll lead you in the comments, whatever. You don’t have to like, you know – This isn’t like an out page.

James: You want out, you get out totally.

Clay: Yeah. You can totally have it. And you know, I encourage you to use this in your e-mail. You know, like one of the huge misconceptions people have is that, you know, if they’re going to start accepting e-mail addresses in building a list, that they need to all of a sudden have something like incredibly smart and authoritative to say from day one, like they got to like step in with like some insane like scientific research or something.

James: Right.

Clay: But you know what, a good way to just start off, you know, your list or interacting with people on your list is just asking them about them. It doesn’t need to be about you. It’s about them, right?

James: Totally. I mean think about when you’re meeting someone for the first time. You say hey, where are you from and what do you do. This is a version of that. Where are you, and you know, what outcome would you like to see us help you achieve. And so you don’t start off with well hello there, my name is…

Clay: Wawawa…

James: …you know, Dr. John Smith, and it’s…

Clay: Yeah, yeah.

James: Nobody calls you that.

Clay: Let me tell you about back pain. You’re like well, maybe.

James: Yeah, I don’t even know you, right? So this is a great way to get to know that people are very interested in what you’re doing.

Clay: Absolutely, absolutely. Anyway, that’s what we have for this episode of the Marketing Show. Again, I’m Clay Collins.

James: I’m James Lepine, and if you enjoy this, go ahead and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, whatever you do. We’d be very, very grateful for that.

Clay: If you’re on the path, we got your back. We’ll talk to you next time.

James: See you then.

Clay: Catch you later.