[Split Test] Which Landing Page Headline Increased Conversions by 19.95%?

A couple of minutes. That’s often all it takes to change the headline on your landing page. Yet that one simple change can often have a major impact on your conversion rate, as you’ll see in this split test from LeadPages™ user Brian Moran.

Brian tested the following two headlines against one another in this split test:

  • Version A: Free Video Reveals…The 7 Step Funnel We Use to Generate 3,166 Leads Every Single Month!
  • Version B: Want to Learn? The Funnel We Brought You Here With. The Funnel That Brings $3.00 In Sales For Every $1.00 We Spend On Ads.

Which headline do you think increased the page’s conversion rate by 19.95%?

Vote below to reveal the winning split test page and our analysis.

[split_test id=”4457″]