[Split Test] Warranty Vs. No Warranty: Which Landing Page Increased Conversions 84.59%?

Can displaying a warranty affect a page’s conversion by almost 85%? In this case, the answer is yes!

Here, we have a split test that Nicolas Norton from The Adamantine System ran to determine if including the warranty-related copy on the following landing page would impact its conversion rate:

Note: This page was originally written in Spanish. We translated it to English with Google Translate to give you an idea of what the content is about.

In Version B of this page, Nicolas added the following warranty section between the second call-to-action button and the PS:


In the battle of page content, warranty copy versus no warranty copy, which version do you think increased this page’s conversion rate from 8.72% to 16.10%?

Vote below to reveal the winning split test page and our analysis.

[split_test id=”4393″]