Now Closed: My First Coaching Program in 4 Years

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Note: This post is a follow-up to Tuesday’s announcement from Clay—you’ll want to read that first if you haven’t yet. The program below is currently closed to new registrants.

Before you purchase, we highly encourage you to watch the video above in its entirety, so you can get all the details about the Interactive Offer 2.0 coaching program and how to get it.

What Is the Interactive Offer 2.0?

The Interactive Offer 2.0 is an educational course and live coaching program that shows you how to create products that sell out before they’re ever created, making your next product a success long before you spend one cent creating it.

This is the same process we used to launch Leadpages, Center, and multiple membership sites, certification programs, and information products.

This is a real coaching program. When you join you’ll have the opportunity to talk to me or our head of Marketing Education, Bob The Teacher, for the remainder of 2016.

In addition to coaching, the course itself include 6 modules. Here they are:

Module 1: Profit Planning

  • You’ll learn how to create a specific, actionable blueprint for your interactive offer that delivers the results you want.
  • You’ll hear how to set specific income goals to so you can reverse engineer how to make them possible.
  • You’ll discover exactly how big your email list must be to meet your income goals.
  • You’ll learn all the little questions you need to ask when you’re planning out your own interactive offer.
  • You’ll see actual the interactive models we’ve developed including specific examples from other interactive offers.

Module 2: List-Building

  • You’ll discover how to get started with a tiny list and still get the engagement you need for your interactive offer.
  • You’ll learn exactly how to grow your small list into a highly responsive, powerful audience, that’s ready to purchase your product or service when it launches.
  • As a Leadpages member, we’ll also show you how to use all the tools inside Leadpages to make list-building that much simpler.

Module 3: Kickstarting Your Offer

  • You’ll learn how to get your fans addicted to interacting with you.
  • You’ll discover how to inspire your audience to work with you to create the exact product they want to buy.
  • You’ll see what content to use, what psychological triggers that you can authentically hit, and when and how to interact with your customers. (That includes when and how to mail your email list.)
  • You’ll hear how to make your content, your story and your message more engaging and suspenseful than your favorite guilty pleasure novel.
  • In short, you’ll learn how to work with your community to decide what to sell, and turn that experience into a fun and worthwhile public event that builds your brand.

Module 4: Deciding What to Sell

  • You’ll learn how to decide what to sell with your offer.
  • You’ll discover how to get your list to describe what kind of product they’ve been waiting to buy from you.
  • You’ll see how to inspire your list to write your sales letter or video sales letter for you.
  • You’ll learn why no one else is creating the product that your customers really want and that’s the opportunity for you.
  • You’ll walk away from this module with the survey questions to ask, contests to run, and stories to tell, to get a response from people not on your list.

Module 5: Crafting Your Offer

  • You’ll learn how to turn all the feedback, guidance and interest you’ve received from your audience and package it into an irresistible offer.
  • You’ll see the exact pricing you should use, and learn how to charge enough to fund your goals without overcharging and turning people away.
  • You’ll hear the best ways to use payment plans—including when you should never use them.
  • You’ll learn how to decide what form your product should take (like a physical product, a membership site, a DVD, an online video series, a live seminar or training, software, a coaching program or a group coaching program).
  • You’ll hear how to craft your ideal guarantee. That includes when and how to use guarantees and how to structure them.
  • You’ll discover how to make a pitch your email list, and whether you should use a video (or another medium) to make this pitch.
  • Plus, you’ll learn how to find the answers to all these questions.

Module 6: Engineering Your Big Presell

  • You’ll learn how to pre-sell the product that you’re eventually going to create.
  • You’ll discover the art and science of pre-selling in a way that your customers will love and thank you for.
  • You’ll get proven sales letters, emails, website copy and templates that you can modify to make your pre-sell a success.
  • You’ll also get the breakdown of our most recent Center launch, where we used the Interactive Offer launch to bring in more than 1,500 customers for the product before it was even launched into beta.
  • You’ll see the emails we used, the landing page, blog posts and more to presell Center—and we’ll be showing you exactly why these worked, so you can replicate this same process for your business.
  • You’ll also see how this process can be use to sell information products like e-books, physical products, software, membership sites, and services … in addition to software.

Plus, live coaching and webinars:

  • When you join you’ll have the opportunity to talk to me, Clay Collins, or our Manager of Marketing Education Bob The Teacher, for the remainder of 2016.
  • During scheduled mentorship calls, you can ask us anything about digital marketing, business, SEO and life in general. We’ll do everything we can on these calls to help you make your business work.
  • You’ll also get permanent access to the recordings of each of these live calls.

This Coaching Program Starts Soon

I’ll be hosting our very first live coaching session on May 17th.

Then Bob Jenkins or I will host coaching calls at least once a month for the rest of the year. We’ll also release this 6-module video tutorials over a course of 90 days, starting on May 31st.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Interactive Offer 2.0

What’s the Deadline to Join Leadpages to Get the Interactive Offer 2.0?

This offer ends Friday, April 29th at Midnight Eastern.

To get the Interactive Offer 2.0 coaching program free, you must either purchase or upgrade to a Pro Annual or Advanced Annual Leadpages membership between now and Friday at midnight Eastern.

Can You Purchase the Interactive Offer 2.0 Program by Itself?

Unfortunately, no. You can only get access to this program by purchasing a Pro Annual or Advanced Leadpages membership this week.

Tell Me Again: How Do I Get This Interactive Offer 2.0 Coaching Program?

There are three ways to get this Interactive Offer 2.0 coaching program:

1. If you’re NOT a Leadpages member yet: Purchase a Pro Annual membership or Advanced Annual membership (either one) before Friday at midnight.

2. If you’re already a Standard or Pro monthly Leadpages member: Upgrade your Leadpages membership to either a Pro Annual or Advanced Annual membership (either one) before Friday at midnight Eastern.

3. If you’re already a Pro Annual, Pro 2-Year, Advanced Annual, or Advanced 2-Year member: You don’t need to upgrade your account. You already pre-qualify for this course. Simply reach out to our support team by Friday, April 27, 2016, and let us know you’d like in on this course. (We’ll accommodate as many as we can!)

How Can I Upgrade If I’m Already a Leadpages Member?

There are two ways to upgrade. First, as a Leadpages member, click on the account settings inside your Leadpages membership portal.

Then, click on “Upgrade My Account” to upgrade your membership level. Finally, choose “Pro Annual” or “Advanced Annual” and confirm you want to upgrade.

Second, if you don’t see “Upgrade My Account” inside your account (or you’re uncertain of your membership level), reach out to our support team and they’ll upgrade you.

I’m In! When Will I Get the Interactive Offer 2.0?

Great! We’re excited to have you onboard!

This coaching program is starting next month. I’ll be kicking off the first coaching call on May 17th, and then either Bob The Teacher or I will host the monthly calls for the remainder of 2016.

We’ll also be releasing the all-new video tutorials for this course over the course of 90 days starting on May 31st. Look for an email coming next week with all the details!

Are You Really Sharing Everything You Used to Launch Your New Product, Center?

Yes, we are.

In December, we presold our newest Leadpages product, Center. The result? Over 1,500 customers bought Center in less than a week, before we officially finished engineering this product.

Since then, this group of Center early adopters has been helping us shape this new product with their invaluable feedback.

In Interactive Offer 2.0, we’re going to share with you exactly how we launched this new product. We’ll show you the exact copy we used, the emails we sent, the landing pages we created, and even the video we filmed to presell this product, so you can borrow all these ideas for your own interactive offer.

I Want to Launch a New Business, But I Only Have a Vague Idea of What My Product Should Be. Can You Help?

Absolutely! In fact, that’s exactly what the Interactive Offer 2.0 is designed to do.

It’s a way for you to figure out exactly what kind of product your ideal audience wants to buy, before you even create it—so you can start selling your new product before you waste a dime on production costs.

I See You’re Offering Q&A Webinars. What Kinds of Questions Will You Answer?

Really, anything.

This is a real, live coaching program. We’re hosting these calls to give you as much value as we can possibly offer.

You can ask us anything about digital marketing, business, SEO, and life in general. Throughout these calls, we’ll do everything we can to help you make your business work.

Will There Be Recordings of All the Interactive Offer 2.0 Coaching Calls?

Absolutely! You’ll get permanent recordings of all coaching webinars and calls for this program, so you can listen at your convenience.

If you happen to live in a time zone that doesn’t work for these calls (or have an ongoing schedule conflict), we’ll also give you the option to submit your questions before these calls, so you can get answers when you listen to the recordings.

This way, you’ll get the maximum value this coaching program has to offer—even if you can’t make it to the calls live.

What Other Features Will I Get with Leadpages Membership?

As a Pro member, you get the majority of the features Leadpages has to offer. That includes:

  • Our new drag-and-drop landing page builder
  • Unlimited landing page templates on unlimited domains
  • Unlimited Leadboxes
  • Unlimited Leadlinks
  • Our text-to-opt-in tool, Leaddigits
  • WordPress integration
  • Facebook integration
  • Ability to embed your pages on any site
  • 1st priority email support
  • Advanced HTML export for your templates
  • Access to our affiliate program
  • Ability to upload your own custom templates
  • Chat and email support with our support team
  • Plus, all Standard and Pro features we release from now on

If you choose an Advanced Annual membership, you’ll get everything above, plus:

  • 5 Leadpages sub-accounts that you can use for your clients, business partners, or multiple businesses
  • On-demand phone support 5 days a week
  • Weekly Q&A calls with our marketing team
  • Advanced integrations, including Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce
  • Template Importer

Also, if you join Leadpages at the Pro Annual or Advanced Annual level before Friday, April 29th at midnight Eastern, you’ll also get the Interactive Offer 2.0 program free.

Does Leadpages Come with a Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! Like all new Leadpages memberships, Pro Annual and Advanced Annual memberships come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you join Friday and find for whatever reason that this new Leadpages membership is not for you, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll issue you a refund ASAP.