The “Thanksgiving Day” Interview

Clay: Hey, this Clay and on behalf of the entire LeadBrite team, I just want to thank
you on Thanksgiving. I want to thank you for making LeadBrite what it is today.
And I realized that I was going to turn this into, (1), an Oscar speech or (2), I’d
start crying and getting sentimental and that would be completely awkward or

Nate: So he invited me to come and interrupt him and keep this short and free.

Clay: Exactly, or this could be 15 minutes long and too grateful. So I invited my good
friend Nate Grahek, founder of Sticky Albums to ring in and keep this to just a
few minutes in link. So Nate has some Thanksgiving Day interview questions for me.

Nate: So, just start with what you’re thankful for man. It’s been a fun year and it’s
important that we stop for a minute and just focus on gratitude. Like what are
you grateful for this year?

Clay: You know, a lot of people don’t know this, but when I was 15 I started a software
company and it failed, it didn’t do well. And I always wanted to be in software,
always and I think that experience sort of held me back from ever doing
software again and so I threw myself into marketing was the reason it didn’t
work in the first place. And in May of this year we tried to do something that a
lot of people haven’t been able to successfully do and we launched a software
company. We did it because we saw there was a huge need out there for people
to be able to quickly and efficiently grow audiences without having to mess with
the technical mambo-jumbo and it worked, and it worked.

Nate: It’s a scary leap to make man, that’s a big jump.

Clay: Well, and it worked because one, the need was there and also because you
watching this, everyone watching this on Thanksgiving Day on the Marketing
Show, it worked because you believe in us. And it worked because you were
ready to place a bet on us. And we didn’t take venture capital, you guys are our
investors and we wouldn’t exist without you. I think a lot of people have
allegiances towards maybe venture capitalists who fund them and then also to
their customers and they have this split focus and you are a venture capitalist.
Like making you happy is why we exist.

Nate: I think when you do it – I like bootstrapper because as a bootstrapper your
customers are your investors. You’re only answering to them.

Clay: Yeah, and to everyone watching this on the Marketing Show or everyone who’s
a LeadBrite or LeadPages or LeadPlayer customer, you guys keep the light on,
you guys pay our salary, you guys are the reason why we’re growing month over
month and why we continue to grow as a company and hire new people. And it
hopefully what I believe is that is a reflection of our desire to serve you. And I
just want you to know that that desire is stronger than it’s ever been. And so,
thanks for believing us, thanks for being an investor and thanks for all that
you’ve done. So I don’t know, that’s question number one. Do you have any
other questions for me?

Nate: No dude, that’s good. Let’s keep this short. I’ll end with saying thank you Clay. I
mean, thanks for your mentorship. This year has been fantastic. I think that the
entrepreneur community needs more people like you that are just willing to
share and teach the way you are, and I’m super stoked to see what you
come up with in the next year.

Clay: Oh man, I didn’t know you’re going to say that. I appreciate you saying that and I
just want to thank you Nate. A lot of people don’t know this, but Nate lives here
locally and he’s a really good friend of mine. The entrepreneurial space can be
kind of lonely and it’s nice to have friends around the world, but it’s also nice to
have friends that you can just hang out with, just maybe grab a beer with at the
end of a long day or something like that. So Nate’s been that friend, so thank you
Nate and thank you to everyone who’s – you know, we took this leap from
information products to software and it’s worked out better than we could have
ever imagined and we have nothing but you to thank you. So Tracy, myself,
Simon, Linda, Pedro, Antonio, Ernie, Matous, our entire team is just so incredibly
indebted and thankful to you.

So have a wonderful Thanksgiving from – I guess from the LeadBrite family to
yours. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. All right, take care.