Why You Should Never Insult Your Market For Buying A Competitor’s Product (Even When No One Is Listening)

Whenever you explain the success of a competing product by pointing to customer foolishness, you’re buying into a self-limiting belief and setting yourself up for failure.

Hey, this is Clay, and I want to talk about something that is pretty rampant, and I think it’s really just something that needs to be talked about, and the problem is the issue of really blaming your market and insulting your market when one of your competitors is doing really well.

So what I hear all the time is folk say, “Yeah, my market is dumb. They’re buying my competitor’s product,” or you know, “My market isn’t very sophisticated and they’re buying someone else’s product that isn’t this good.” And every single time you insult the intelligence of your market you separate yourself from them. You widen the gap between you and them and you align yourself with a pattern of getting fewer and fewer and fewer sales.

The opposite of abundant thinking is blaming your market when you aren’t doing well, and you know, saying your market is dumb when they’re buying your competitor’s product. Your market is smart and the more you appreciate them, the more you love them, the more you seek to understand them and really try and deeply grasp why they’re buying someone else’s product instead of yours the better you’ll do, but when you insult them, when you say bad things about your market as a whole just because they’re not buying stuff from you the more likely you are to align yourself against them and to create this sort of this gap that makes it harder and harder for you to have success.

Anyway, that’s today’s marketing tip.

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