This Has Done More (Than Anything Else) To Help Me Grow Our Business

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Hi, my name is Clay Collins, co-founder of LeadBrite™ and I want to share a story with you. It’s the story of the $50,000 wristband. So a few months ago, we were very split as a company. We sold coaching, we sold consulting, we sold information products, we had membership sites, we had a whole bunch of things going on, a whole bunch of different products and we also had started selling software. We started selling a video player called LeadPlayer™.

And I knew as a company we wanted to refocus on software, but I did not know how we could give up the revenue from the coaching, from the consulting, from the information product from the membership site. I didn’t know how we were going to make the $50,000 per month that we needed to cover our operating expenses by just selling a wordpress plug in that was LeadPlayer™ at the time.

So what I did was I had this wristband created and this wristband said, “LeadBrite makes $50,000 per month.” Because I knew that if we could pay our operating expenses that I could refocus all my energy on this part of the business and grow it. And that month when I produced this, we hit that goal and I have no idea to this day honestly how we actually made that happen. None of our team believed that that would happen, in my heart I didn’t even believe that happened, but I wore this wristband and every day I switched from one hand to the other and it forced me to confront every habit, every belief, every action that I was taking that was not compatible with this goal I had of bringing in that level of revenue.

So I spent a lot of time asking myself why did this wristband work, why did it help us reach a goal that I personally didn’t believe was achievable and that my team didn’t believe was achievable? Well, the first reason is that I couldn’t ignore this goal because it was literally on my physical person each and every day. It was looking at me whenever I lifted up a fork or a spoon, it was there. It was on me all the time. I couldn’t ignore it. It wasn’t on a To-do list on my computer, it wasn’t on a notepad, it wasn’t on some hipster PDA, it was right there on my wrist.

The second reason is that each day I switched it from one hand to the other, so it constantly refreshed that goal in my mind. Also the presence of this wristband forced me to confront every idea, every thought, every notion, every pattern, every action I was taking that was incompatible with this goal that I was thinking about every single day because again it was on my wrist.

All of this brings me to the Why 10k bracelet that I created for you. You see, I’ve a vision for you. I believe that by December 31st 2013, you can build an email audience, greater than 10 thousand people. And so this bracelet says on it, “my list is greater than 10k by December 31st 2013”. So, why 10k? Why 10,000 people? It’s because if you do direct sales marketing correctly, and you understand conversion and you have a list of 10,000, that 10,000 is about the number you need to make $1 million per year in your business. I’ve seen in case after case and in business after business that in this direct sales marketing world, a list of 10,000 people is worth about $1 million per year in revenue. So this wristband is designed to confront you every single day to build that list. And I’m giving this away early because I want you to have a head start.

Well, if I have my way, part of your story is going to be in 2013 you built up an email audience over 10,000 people. If I have my way, part of your story is that 2013 is your Why 10k. Anyway, somewhere on this page is a button that you can click to get your why 10k wristband. We’re only charging shipping and handling. It’s under $5, it’s the same price both internationally and nationally. There’s no up sells, there’s no some one click thing we’re going to do where we try and get you to enroll in something else, we’re not going to try and get you to add something else to the cart. This is purely about getting this wristband on your wrist and making 2013 your Why 10k. I know you can do this and I believe that this is your year.

My name is Clay Collins and I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful day. I’ll talk to you later, take care.