[Marketplace Announcement] This ‘Sandwich Upsell Page’ Got 90% of Buyers To Upgrade Their Purchase

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Today, we’re announcing the second template available in the Leadpages marketplace. We’ll be launching the full-on marketplace in the next month or so. For now, though, we’ll be releasing one template at a time right here on our blog. The second template available comes from Antonio Rillera. Antonio runs Rilleradesign.com and has done some amazing work for us in the past. If you’re a designer and you’d like to submit your designs, click the button below this video to get on the notification list for when you can submit your designs to the marketplace.

Now Antonio originally created a page like this for his own product WP Contest Creator. This page is sandwiched in between your sales page and your checkout page. So for example someone comes to your sales page and clicks add to cart then they get to a page like this upselling them on an enhanced version of your product. They either take the upsell or they don’t take the upsell and then they check out on the order form page. So again, the page that we’re releasing in the marketplace today is the upsell page that’s sandwiched between your sales page and your checkout page.

Here’s an example of how we use this type of upsell page in the past. Back when we sold our video player LeadPlayer, people would click the on this add to cart button and then they’d see the upsell page. From there, they would decide if they wanted to take the upsell or not, and then they’re taken to the appropriate checkout page. So lets’ get scientific on this page and dissect the different elements and how they work. First, at the top, there are the steps completed. When people see that they’re in a process, they’ll tend to stick around longer in order to complete the steps. Then there’s a big attention-getting wait graphic and this gets people to stop and to be open to the information you’re presenting them. Then their eye moves over to the enhancements we have available.

In the case of LeadPlayer, we had a multi-site license available that came with no player branding and an unlimited license that allow them to use LeadPlayer on an unlimited number of domains. This was the multisite version of LeadPlayer. So the regular version of LeadPlayer was $107 but for an extra $40, they got the unlimited version of LeadPlayer. So the checkout process starts with the regular price here and then if they decide they want the multi-site license when they check this box it adds the upsell deal to the total. The way this page works is when the upsell box is not checked, it sends you the checkout page A which is for the standard version of the product. When the upsell box is checked to get the upsell version of the product, it sends you to checkout page B which has the upsell added to the price. So here, you’ll want to have the standard advertised price and then below it you’ll want to have the enhancement or upsell here.

At this point, the question might be what kind of upsell could I create? Let’s go over some example upsells you could use. If you’re selling a membership site, the enhancement might be a version of the membership site that comes with coaching. If you’re selling a digital information product, an enhancement might be that you get the physical version of the product. So if you’re buying an eBook you might get the hard copy of the book as well or if you’re buying videos, you might get the DVDs as well. If you’re buying consulting the enhancement might include an onsite visit or something done for you. In other words, the consultant creates a real work for hire products for you like a website or a meal plan if, for example, you’re a nutritional coach. If you buy some guitar lessons, the enhancement version could come with a guitar or maybe a week of in-person lessons. So you get the idea of the upsell version of the product as an enhancement of the standard version of whatever you’re selling.

Now coming back to the page the purpose of this video is to continue to encourage people to purchase the original product and to encourage them to purchase the upsell. This not only increases conversions on the original product but it also increases conversions on the upsell. When we use this page with LeadPlayer, over 90% of the people took the upsell so it’s super effective. One thing to know here when people come to this page and the video is set to autoplay, people are sure to see your offer and they have to shut the video off in order to stop the video. Whereas if it’s not set to autoplay they actually have to go in and hit play so they might not see your offer. We sell higher conversions when the video auto-played so we’ll go over how to set that up in just a minute.

This is the video that did incredibly well when we sold LeadPlayer so let’s go through this video and figure out why it worked.

Here, we’re congratulating people on their decision to purchase. This further solidifies the decision they’ve made. Here we further sell them on the benefits of the base version of LeadPlayer.

As you can see, this has already taken up the first 30 seconds of the video so if this takes some time that’s totally okay. From there, you’ll sell them on the immediacy of access. They’ll get access to your product very soon. This makes it more seductive and makes it more likely that they’ll follow through with the purchase.

Now we’re telling them about the enhancement to the offer.

Now we’re justifying the price by saying that if you get one more additional client this will pay for itself.

Now we’re ensuring them that they’re just about complete and then we encourage them to finish the checkout process.

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So to sum up the points covered in the video, first congratulate them on their decision. Second, further, sell the benefits of the base version. Third, sell them on the immediacy of access. Fourth, tell them about the upsell, fifth justify the price, sixth ensure them that they’re almost done and seventh encourage them to finish the process. So this is how we structured our video that helped 90% of people decide to take our upsell. If you’re unsure how to structure the upsell video, we’ll include the transcripts and slides from our original LeadPlayer video so you’re able to see how we structured our offer and you’ll be able to model it for your own video. You can download those by clicking the button below this video.

So now let’s look at how to get this page. You can purchase the full version of this upsell page from the Leadpages marketplace or you can download the PSD of this page below. If you’re a Leadpages marketplace, early adopter, this template is free for you. When you go to check out, this template will appear as free. If you’re a Leadpages customer, this template costs $7. If you’re not a Leadpages customer this template costs $7 and it comes with a free 30-day trial of Leadpages so that you can easily customize and deploy this page on your website.

I need to point out here that an active Leadpages subscription is necessary for continued access and use of this premium template. That’s why we’re giving you 30 days to test out Leadpages for free. So to purchase this page from the Leadpages marketplace simply click on the button below this video and you’ll be taken to the template page. Click on the purchase button. If you have a Leadpages account, use your log-in information to log in and purchase the template. If you don’t have a Leadpages account, you’ll be asked for your information to purchase. When you purchase the template, it comes with a free 30-day trial of Leadpages. After the free 30 days, you’ll be charged $37 per month for your Leadpages standard monthly subscription. If you’re an early adopter, a Leadpages pro, or a standard customer or a new user of the marketplace, once you purchase the template, you’ll be immediately routed to the template editor to start customizing your template. If you’re not ready to customize the page right now, you can access this page later when you view the templates then select the premium templates here on the left.

Now let’s jump in and customize this page. Like all templates inside of Leadpages, you just click on an element to edit it. For example, I’ll just click the logo and I’ll add in a LeadPlayer logo, click the video, go to the empty box and then insert my embed code. Here, you can use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or any other video service that gives you an embed code which is basically any video player out there. I’m going to use YouTube here.

Now you want this video to autoplay so with the embed code, look for the end of the video URL like this then add in a question mark, autoplay equals 1 inside the quotation marks like this. This will enable autoplay on this video which is what we want. Now I’m going to go into the style settings and update the completed step color here. Just click the box and adjust the slider and the color will update. If you’d like to hide any of the sections, just click on it and then select hidden. So I’ll do that for the steps here and I’ll hide those. For the text here, explaining my upsell, I’ll add that in.

Now a cool part about this template is the bullets dynamically adjust as I add or subtract bullet points. This helps to not limit the benefits you can put on the page here. Now I’ll update the checkbox text by clicking on it and adding the correct info. Now we need to add the product info here and the base price of our product followed by the upsell information and the upsell price. Now, this is important. We need to add the discount price down here at the bottom so the totals will be correct when they choose your upsell and you’ll probably notice when you’re editing these numbers the totals don’t update immediately. If you like to have the numbers recomputed correctly click on the preview button to see the page and the numbers will show correctly. The final and most important step is setting up your checkout pages. So we’ll go to dynamic controls then you’ll see the upsell purchase URL and the default purchase URL. So in the default purchase URL, enter the checkout page if they decide not to take the upsell.

In the upsell purchase URL box, you’ll enter the URL of the checkout page if they do decide to take the upsell. You’ll also want to add your thank you page to your conversion goal tracking so Leadpages is able to track conversion data for you. Now the page is customized, I’ll name it then I’ll save it and once I save the page and hit publish, the page is now live on the internet and Leadpages gives me a URL that I can use to immediately view the page. So we’ll go there and check out the page. Here’s the page we’ve just created. It looks fantastic. The page is also mobile responsive so it will look fantastic on any size screen.

Now back in the publishing window, we have a few more options. You can publish the page to the WordPress, publish the page to Facebook as a Facebook tab, or finally, you can download the file and put it on your own server. If you haven’t purchased this template in the Leadpages marketplace, it’s quite a bit more difficult to customize and publish. Here’s what you’ll need to do if you haven’t purchased this template from the Leadpages marketplace. You’ll need to download the PSD file below, hire a copywriter to create the copy on the page and in the video, hire a coder to customize the page, add in the copy and the video, update the images, slice up the page, make an HTML file a CSS file, and also a JavaScript file.

Finally, you’ll need to work with a developer to upload it and publish this page on your website. So those are all the steps you’ll need to take if you don’t purchase this page from the Leadpages marketplace. If you don’t own this template, we recommend you get it now. Having an upsell page is a great way to increase revenue per customer. Remember we use this exact page when we were selling players and saw 90% of people purchase our upsell. So to get this page, just click the button below this video.

I’m Jeff Wenberg and I’ll see you further on up the road.