The Ultimate Guide to Landing Pages


Getting started with landing pages

Ready to level-up your lead generation and sales funnels? Learn about landing page best practices, optimization tips, and more in this landing pages guide.

Whether you’re branching out into new audiences or engaging with your existing customers, landing pages make it possible for you to deliver the right targeted message to the right audience at the right time, so that you can get the biggest possible return on your time and money.

Focused on a single-mission and customized to your audience, landing pages transform your web traffic into qualified leads and loyal customers.
Use landing pages to transform targeted web traffic into email subscribers

What is a landing page?

In the world of web pages, think of a landing page as being a single, lone ranger: a standalone web page where a visitor lands after they click on a link.

A landing page is different from other web pages because it serves one very specific purpose: to convert visitors into leads or sales. Each page typically contains a form that asks visitors for their contact information—such as their email address—in exchange for something of value (a.k.a. an offer).

You’ll learn more about what landing pages are and what they’re used for in the following chapters of this guide.

Yes! As a general rule across the board, landing pages have conversion rates that are two to ten times higher than the average webpage. And get this: small businesses with more than ten landing pages are able to grow their email lists twice as fast. How is this possible? Because these pages have a single goal: receive web traffic and compel visitors to take a single, specific action.

Unlike other web pages or websites, landing pages are specialists that are narrowly focused on guiding visitors toward taking a specific action such as signing up for an e-newsletter, downloading a resource, making a purchase, or registering for an event. By having a single focus (and goal action), it’s possible for a landing page to deliver the right message to the right audience rather than talking about ‘all the things’ to ‘all the people’ and failing to persuade anyone.

How much do landing pages cost?

The cost varies, depending on how you create them and the tools and type of builder that you choose. Keep in mind that unlike other digital marketing platforms, Leadpages doesn’t charge you more based on how much traffic you receive or how many leads you collect.

What will I learn in The Guide to Landing Pages?

Whether you’re running an ad on social media or announcing a promo on your website, it’s important to be strategic about which pages you create and how you create them.

This guide is designed to cover the ‘must-know’ fundamentals of landing pages as well as the most important tips and savvy strategies that have proven to work across hundreds of thousands of businesses.

We’ll cover topics such as:

The basics: What a landing page is (and what a landing page is not), why it’s essential for your business to have landing pages, when they should be used, how they work, and we’ll explore the different types of pages.

Creative content: Essential elements and why they matter in your marketing campaigns, copywriting tips, design, and how to create a landing page.

Optimization: Best practices, tests to run to ensure your page is performing to its full potential, how to promote your page so that it increases conversions for your business, and a 101 guide to lead magnets.