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The Leadpages Brand

Our brand is both our personality and our promise, so consistency is key. Use these guidelines whenever you work with our brand assets, logo, content, and trademark.

Our Name

What’s in a name?

“Leadpages” is one word with one capital Letter. Once upon a time, we were LeadPages—but that’s a little confusing, don’t you think?

What are we all about?

Leadpages is a best-in-class digital lead generation platform that enables entrepreneurs and marketers to easily publish web pages, confidently generate leads, and consistently transform clicks into customers. From websites and landing pages to pop-ups and alert bars, Leadpages helps you get in business and stay in business online.

Our Logo

Creating high-converting web pages is the foundation of business and that's what our logo represents. We give customers the tools to create a sequence of pages, steps, or actions that users take on the journey from click to conversion.

Leadpages wordmark in purple
Leadpages wordmark in white
Leadpages logo in purple
Leadpages logo in white
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Have a question or want to make use of our logo marks in a way not covered by these guidelines?

Please contact us  and include a link to a visual mockup of the intended use.

Our Colors

Purple is primary.

Vibrant, bold, and steeped in meaning, purple uniquely represents our Minneapolis roots: home of the Vikings and music legend Prince.

The Leadpages color palette represents endless opportunity and is complete with bright, saturated color as well as natural tones. The diverse spectrum of tints and shades reflects not only the dynamic nature of our users, but also the community they create.






Brand Assets

Through dynamic graphic shapes and photography, we highlight the people we serve and the things they create on the Leadpages platform.

Leadpages product screenshots
Leadpages photography

Here’s all the beauty of our brand boxed up neatly and ready for download.

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A friendly legal reminder.

These graphics, trademarks, and brand identity are the intellectual property of Leadpages. Because our brand is our most valuable asset, consistency is key. Whenever and wherever you use these assets and trademarks—whether online or off—please follow all the usage guidelines provided here.

These guidelines apply to all Leadpages employees, customers, affiliate partners, and third parties.

Please do:

  • Get our name right: Leadpages. (Here’s more on that)
  • Make use of all Leadpages brand assets provided in these guidelines.

Please don’t:

  • Modify or alter these files in any way.
  • Use these graphics in any way that implies a relationship, affiliation, partnership, or endorsement by Leadpages of your product, service, or business.
  • Use these graphics as part of your own product, service, or business.

If you have questions about the Leadpages brand and how to use it, please reach out to our team. When in doubt we’re here to help.

Leadpages brand Assets

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Here’s all the beauty of our brand boxed up neatly and ready for download.