Forest Stewardship Council
Non-Profit Organization

The Forest Stewardship Council uses Leadpages to move audiences to take meaningful action.

Chris McLaren and Karina Carlson don’t just work for a paycheck—they work to preserve the world’s forests and establish a more eco-friendly economy. As the sole US marketing force behind the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a global non-profit organization, they have to communicate to dozens of different audiences, transform awareness into action, and demonstrate ROI on every dollar they spend.
That’s a tall order, but Chris says two things help them get the job done: the office espresso machine and Leadpages.
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a global non-profit organization that uses the power of the marketplace to safeguard the world’s forests. By setting eco-friendly certification standards and labeling products that meet their criteria, the FSC is harnessing buying power to better serve our planet and future generations. Visit Forest Stewardship Council
“Our tagline is ‘Forests For All, Forever’. When people buy FSC-certified products, they send a direct message to industry: ‘I want you to protect our forests.’”
Chris McLaren
Flexibility to quickly create & update custom web pages

“We’re trying to be as guerilla as we possibly can”

As a global organization, FSC has a primary website, but the team needed additional flexibility to create custom web destinations to support different initiatives and campaigns. Because Leadpages doesn’t require a lot of web experience in order to design and publish pages, it’s easy to create dynamic visual content that’s both easy to update and easy to change.
Flexibility to quickly create & update custom web pages
Track conversions & demonstrate ROI

“We have to be super lean and demonstrate results”

As a non-profit, the FSC team is both budget-conscious and required to demonstrate direct results from their digital marketing efforts. By tracking conversion events and lead generation, they’re able to not only make a difference but also encourage additional funding in the future.
“In order to test & learn how our content is resonating with people and how we can improve upon that, Leadpages is the best option.”
Karina Carlson
Segment & target diverse audiences

“Leadpages allows us to communicate to specific groups about what matters most to them”

Marketing to everyone from big-name brands to everyday consumers requires a highly segmented approach. By creating unique campaigns, tracking their individual audiences, and following up with each group, FSC is able to garner support from dozens of stakeholder groups.
customer totem 2
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“The mission is massive. We picked up Leadpages fairly quickly because we saw it as a good tool to use to quickly build web destinations that can speak to our different audiences and to their needs.”
Chris McLaren • CMO
Forestry Stewardship Council
Easy Integrations

“We’ve streamlined how we collect and follow up with our leads”

Newly connected leads are stored in FSC’s Drip account and nurtured with automatic follow-up emails, targeted campaigns, and broadcasts every time a new FSC-certified product is added to their database.

How FSC uses Leadpages

Track and Optimize

Real-time analytics

As a non-profit, FSC has to be transparent with how their marketing budget is spent and what outcomes they’re driving. With real-time analytics it’s easy to show the results of each page and campaign.
Track and Optimize
Lead Generation

Lead magnet opt-ins

Prior to Leadpages, FSC depended on inbound phone calls and newsletter subscribers. Now, by offering downloadable resources to their audience with the help of pop-ups on dedicated landing pages, FSC has grown their email list and built an inbound marketing operation from the ground up.
Lead Generation
Drag and Drop Builder

Code-free customizations

With little to no web experience, it’s easy to create, publish, and update custom web destinations that are conversion-optimized and mobile friendly. No need to hire a designer or developer.
Drag and Drop Builder
“Everything about creating a page in Leadpages was very fast and easy. It’s really streamlined—moving columns, adding photos—it’s easy to update and already mobile friendly.”
Karina Carlson

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