Yoga Instructor
Yoga Instructor

Jody uses Leadpages to sign up stressed professionals for her yoga sessions.

Having started in corporate America, Jody knew that no one was more in need of a little daytime namaste than 9-to-5-ers stuck at the office. So, rather than set up shop at a single studio, she became a mobile mind-body ambassador. Today, she brings yoga instruction and whole-health coaching to office spaces and workplaces and has the freedom to take care of her “kiddos” in between.
Jody uses Leadpages to grow her email list and stay engaged with participants of her corporate yoga clubs.

Q&A with Jody

How did you go from a corporate job to mobile yogi?
I started Just Be Balanced  after having baby number two when my focus changed to spending more time with my littles and getting my mobile yoga company up and running. It was a no-brainer choosing corporate yoga as my specialty. Stress and overwhelm do not improve company culture or the bottom line. Yoga is the perfect remedy for both.
Just Be Balanced
What does it take to turn a conference room into a ‘zen den?’
A Spotify playlist and a playful challenge, knowing wherever you are on the yoga spectrum is a perfect place to be. I give lots of options so that everyone feels safe and successful, yet encouraged to grow.
What does success look like for you?
There are some instructors out there who are happy to teach 10-20 classes and that’s not my deal. I want 6-8 awesome clients and to be able to keep that going. So I hone in on them and their needs and develop relationships with each one. I get to know who’s working on back stuff, who’s working on their balance, and what the stressors are in their lives.
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Stress and overwhelm do not improve company culture or the bottom line. Yoga is the perfect remedy for both.
Jody Illies • Yogi
Owner, Just Be Balanced
How do you organize your work week?
I batch my work depending on the day. I bookend the week so Monday and Friday are admin days—billing, planning classes, channeling my inner DJ for playlists, social media planning, and using Leadpages for marketing materials and opt-ins. Tuesday-Thursday, I’m on the move bringing yoga to my clients.
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What’s one thing you absolutely rock at?
I’m really good at making people feel comfortable—making connections and helping people through this health journey. My goal isn’t to get you into an awkward body position. My goal is for you to feel amazing in your body and mind so you can show up in the world as your best self.
What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
What I come back to time and time again is: just take the next step. It’s not necessarily having to figure out what that big future thing is—it’s just what’s the next step that you can take toward it.
“What I come back to time and time again is: just take the next step.”

How Jody uses Leadpages

Mobile Responsive Templates

Grow your audience

Representing dozens of brands requires professional-looking landing pages that can quickly be customized to fit each business’ unique vibe. That’s a cinch with more than 200 templates to choose from and the easiest builder around.
Mobile Responsive Templates
Opt-In Form Creation

Seamless registration & follow-up

It’s easy for Jody to register students for upcoming classes and send helpful follow-up materials by integrating her opt-in forms with her MailChimp account. She even receives automated notification emails from Leadpages, every time a form is submitted.
Opt-In Form Creation
High-converting landing pages

Countdown timers

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High-converting landing pages
“Starting my own business was not something that I’d really thought about. But being able to make money doing what you like—c’mon—that’s the best situation.”
Jody Illies

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