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Pinterest Marketing Consultant

Kate uses Leadpages to pinpoint her audience and sell her marketing services.

Wherever smoothie bowls and strong wifi can be found, so can Kate Wilkinson—a Pinterest marketing consultant with a strong dose of wanderlust and a deep desire to help female entrepreneurs amplify their impact both online and off.
Kate uses Leadpages to get clients online, sell her service packages, and help others optimize business blogs to generate leads.
In her former life, Kate navigated the quick-paced process-driven culture of digital agencies. While she prefers her wanderlust workplace to the more traditional track she left behind, she also relies on many of the skills she picked up along the way.
“There’s so much to be learned from the structure of a big, professional corporate business about setting up systems, handling tricky client interactions, and problem solving,” says Kate.
“Ultimately I knew that corporate life really wasn’t for me.”
Kate Wilkinson
But she did know what she wanted to focus on as she dove into the uncharted world of entrepreneurship: “I always knew that I wanted to work with women, and service-based businesses,” said Kate. “My business isn’t exactly what I thought it would be, but I have the best clients you could imagine—creative, clever women.”
Kate describes her ideal customers as heart-led, ambitious women, eager to grow their sidehustles into sustainable businesses. Today, the majority of her clients are coaches and consultants in the personal and professional development industry. Many of whom find that their target audience abounds on Pinterest.
Unique from other social networks, the Pinterest playbook relies on the same principles of search engine optimization—aligning content to an audience, acing discoverability, standing out from the crowd, and optimizing for conversion.
Her services include account management, audience targeting, search engine optimization, brand identity, graphic design, and more. While focusing primarily on the strategy, visual approach, and tactical implementation of Pinterest marketing, Kate also carves out time to tackle the bigger barriers that keep entrepreneurs stuck in the mud: their mindset.
Isolated in a home office, tackling ‘all the things,’ fearful about finances, Kate knows first-hand that wellness and balance are equally (if not more) important to a small business’s bottom line than a properly optimized web presence.
Nourish with Kate
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“I've learned the hard way that you can't pour from an empty cup, which is why I'm constantly tweaking my routine, systems, and business structure so I don't fall victim to burnout.“
Kate Wilkinson
Kate Wilkinson Creative
Her unique approach to sustaining both passion and profit? It’s simple: She’s pro systems. Pro automation. And anti hustle.
That’s why Kate’s business model is built both to meet her client’s needs and to provide passive income streams that will preserve her freedom and flexibility.
Kate offers for-sale resource packs, monthly Pinterest management, as well as an intensive online masterclass as a series of recorded video trainings.
“For me, success is a lifestyle—creating a business that I love that doesn’t zap all my energy, working with a handful of dream clients, making passive income, and seeing great results for my clients.”
Kate Wilkinson
How Kate uses Leadpages
Getting Online

Leadpages Sites

Showcasing her services, displaying their features, and optimizing for the sale is what Kate loves most about Leadpages Sites.
How Kate uses Leadpages: Leadpages Sites
Generating Qualified Leads

Pop-ups and Landing Pages

For both her own business and her clients, Kate relies on Leadpages’ many conversion tools. She most often directs traffic from a Pinterest Pin to a blog post, to a content upgrade offer on a pop-up or landing page.
How Kate uses Leadpages: Pop-Ups and Landing Pages
Creating a System


By connecting her Leadpages account to her email service provider and payment processor, and teachable account, Kate effectively automates her online revenue stream.
How Kate uses Leadpages: Integrations
DIY Digital Marketing

Code-free Page Publishing

Having worked in the digital space for nearly a decade, Kate knew she needed an efficient way to publish and update web pages without having to learn coding.
How Kate uses Leadpages: Code-free Page Pubishing
“My business isn’t exactly what I thought it would be, but I have the best clients you could imagine—creative, clever women.”
Kate Wilkinson

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