Speaker & Coach
Speaker & Coach

Public speaking coach Sally Zimney uses Leadpages to grow her audience.

With a thriving coaching business already established, Sally Zimney is turning up the volume and bringing her unique presentation methods to the masses. With a wealth of downloadable resources, online courses, and a vibrant podcast—she’ll admit—she’s got content galore.
When it comes to turning her digital content into customers, Sally looks to Leadpages.
From Passion to Profit

“Something I was naturally good at became full-time solo-preneurship”

This Moved Me started as something that I was just doing because I loved it and it took me a while to realize—nope, this is a for-real thing. I’ve built a business. I’m the CEO now. What?!”
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Digital Marketing That Delivers Results

“I need help with marketing. I’m doing it all when ‘all’ is not my expertise”

“I’m turning my approach into an online program. That’s required me to take big risks and live with courage. What I LOVE about and depend on Leadpages for is the slew of templates and the library of resources that make it as easy as possible to go from ‘nothing’ to ‘done’ quickly.”
Digital Marketing That Delivers Results
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“Right now, I use Leadpages for my pop-ups and landing pages—and for someone who has as much content as I do (and is doing it all on my own!) I need easy. And this is as easy as it gets!”
Sally Zimney • CEO
This Moved Me Productions
Leadpages Brings Her Business to the Next Level

“I’ve set some really big goals for myself...”

“I have big goals to build my online coaching platform into a thriving part of my business this year, but I have to be braver and bolder in my approach to online marketing. That’s why I’m using Leadpages to grow my courses, my audience, my email list, etc.
“Now, I am coaching full-time, hosting a podcast, working hard to build an audience and an online platform to help more leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers speak with more authenticity, connection, and courage.”

How Sally uses Leadpages

Customizable Templates

Drag & Drop Builder

As a one-woman-show, Sally uses Leadpages to quickly create and publish high-converting landing pages and pop-ups that look professional and perform well.
Customizable Templates
Online Course Registration

Sell your expertise

Registering students for her online courses and workshops has helped Sally scale her business and break free from an 8-5 day full of one-on-one sessions.
Online Course Registration
Lead Generation

Capture new leads

With a growing online following, Sally knows that engaging an audience isn’t enough. She uses landing pages, squeeze pages, and opt-in forms to capture qualified leads and add them to her Convertkit email lists.
Lead Generation
“What I LOVE about and depend on Leadpages for is the slew of templates and the library of resources that make it as easy as possible to go from ‘nothing’ to ‘done’ quickly.”
Sally Zimney

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