Leadpages + Stripe

• Last Updated August 2020

Easily sell your services online, deliver products, and accept credit cards with Leadpages Checkouts, powered by Stripe.

Leadpages + Stripe

Accept payments with Customizable Checkout Forms

Easily embed secure, mobile-responsive checkout forms on any webpage or pop-up.

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Accept credit cards
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Secure payment processing (SCA compliant)
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Customizable form fields (including shipping-related fields)
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Automatic receipt delivery
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Refund processing

Connect your account in a matter of minutes

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Create a free Stripe account
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Add a Checkout form to any page or pop-up
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Select the product or service for sale
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Customize your form fields and integrations
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Publish and you’re open for business!
Connecting Stripe

Flexible publishing options

Publish your checkouts on a Leadpages webpage or embed a checkout pop-up on a third-party site.

Connect Checkouts to third-party integrations

In addition to processing their payment, send your customer data to a third-party integration (such as an ESP or CRM).

Customizable form fields

Collect standard sales fields, shipping-related information, and any additional information you may desire (such as name, phone number, etc.).

"Integrating Stripe for the first time was a BREEZE ✅ Adding a SKU on-the-fly in Stripe ✅ #BloodyBrilliant 💥"

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Anil Agrawal

Owner, Marketing Automation Focus

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